myVolo Martial Arts Software

All-in-One Martial Arts Software

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your School.

All online and easy-to-use, myVolo member management software is the fastest, easiest way to manage your Martial Arts school … from anywhere! The software is designed to help you manage your student memberships from beginning to end — from lead generation and scheduling, to point of sale (POS) and billing.

Core Features Include:

  • Student Check-In & Tracking — No more paper attendance cards! Every time you book a lesson or check in a student, it’s tracked on their billing account to ensure revenue isn’t lost and attendance data is kept up to date.

    We offer membership cards, key tags and barcode readers to make check-in quick and easy.
  • Flexible Billing & Invoicing — myVolo automatically generates and emails invoices to students when payment’s due. The software is also integrated with our full-service billing and payment processing solution, so you can remove yourself entirely from bill collecting.
  • Lead Generation & Management Tools — Get a complete start-to-finish solution for generating leads and quickly turning them into membership sales. Through the Martial Arts software, you can build online lead capture forms to embed directly on your website. Data is collected and pushed directly into your database.

    The lead management tool also gives you the ability to automate work flows, set timed emails, text messages and task reminders for consistent follow-up, and assign lead statuses to track progress and measure marketing effectiveness.
  • Martial Arts Point of Sale System Point of Sale (POS) & Integrated Online Store — myVolo’s full-featured point of sale system enables you to create your own product categories, track inventory, scan products, print or email receipts, issue refunds and process all sales transactions.

    Through the POS software, you can also launch an online store as part of your online member portal — a great way to sell more products and services and generate additional revenue.
  • Belt Tracking — With myVolo’s belt tracking and management tools, you’ll always know each student’s belt level, when they can test and what requirements they need to complete to advance to the next belt level.

    It has never been easier for school owners to manage hundreds of students, classes and specialty services! All student profiles are linked to billing, scheduling and check-in for the most accurate tracking of each person that interacts with your business.
  • Martial Arts School Reports Real-Time Performance Dashboard & Business Reports — Know how you’re doing in an instant. The dynamic dashboard provides key performance metrics as soon as you log-in. myVolo tracks all aspects of your business and provides detailed reports on everything from cost of services and inventory, to sales by category and student birthdays.
  • Marketing Communication Suite — The software gives you a complete marketing communication suite to effectively interact with existing and prospective students. Facilitate student enrollment and retention by sending personalized emails, text messages, newsletters and surveys.
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The software saves me at least 10 hours a week on the administrative side of running my business. This allows me to focus on more important and productive tasks such as improving my systems and filling the classroom with new and excited white belts.

Steve Giroux, Owner, Giroux Bros. Martial Arts — Read the Giroux Bros. Martial Arts Success Story

Stop Chasing Payments.

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Nothing can jeopardize a student relationship quicker than making it about money. Our full-service Martial Arts billing solution enables you to focus 100% of your time on your students, and get away from the bill collector role once and for all!

Students are more likely to pay on time and openly resolve monetary issues with a billing company. And when students pay more regularly, they are more likely to attend classes, and be a part of your membership community. It’s a win-win. As a result, your past-due payments decline and student retention increases.

How It Works:

  1. Servicing agreements are put in place to strengthen your students’ financial commitment to you.
  2. We process the payments and deposit what’s collected right into your bank account.
  3. If a payment fails or falls behind, we work on your behalf to recover payment through our professional call center and proven reprocessing methods.

What You Get:

A system that speeds payment turnaround, accelerates cash flow, increases profitability and saves you from chasing down past-due payments.

  • Advanced Billing Portal
  • 24 x 7 "Live" Online Access
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Document Management
  • Customer Online Bill Payment
  • Fully Flexible Billing & Funding Options
  • Automated Billing Alerts
  • Secure & Redundant Data Storage
  • Privacy Assurance Policy
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Bottom line … there are other billing companies. They might look the same but they’re not. There’s no one better than Member Solutions.

Walter Swaney, Owner & Master Instructor, American TKD Martial Arts — Read the American TKD Martial Arts Success Story
Martial Arts School Credit Card Processing

Make More Sales. Generate More Revenue.

Make it easy for your members to make a down payment, purchase an item from your pro shop, or pay their membership fee on site!

Member Solutions' complete credit card processing solution is perfect for your business. Our unmatched, personal service makes setting up an account simple — requiring very little time and effort on your part to get started.

Start Accepting Credit Cards Today!

Our credit card processing solution enables you to conveniently accept credit cards at your business — and launch an integrated online store through the Martial Arts software! Call 888.277.4409 or email to learn more.

Already Have a Merchant Account?

Make sure you are getting the best rate possible. We offer a free, no-obligation rate comparison. Call 888.277.4409 or email for your free evaluation.

Martial Arts Event Registration Software

Eliminate Paper Forms … Take Your Registrations Online.

Simplify your sign-up process with our online registration software, Event Manager. Events like birthday parties, belt testings, camps and tournaments are great revenue-generators and build student retention.

Set-up is quick and easy, create custom registration forms in 20 minutes or less for any event. Registrants click the link to your registration page, fill out the form and pay online 24/7 — requiring no action from you or your staff!

  • Built-in marketing functions
  • Immediate and secure payment processing
  • Level One PCI-compliant platform
  • Up-to-the-minute data reporting
  • Complete registration control
  • Tournament management tool
  • Learn more about Event Manager

With Event Manager, we spend our time on our students and their needs, not gathering registrations and payments. I recommend Event Manager to anyone who wants to have more freedom to grow their business!

RJ LoPresti, Owner and Instructor, Choe’s HapKiDo of Cumming — Read the Choe’s HapKiDo of Cumming Success Story