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Martial Arts & Fitness Scheduling Software

There are many obstacles to running a successful business. Don’t let member management be one of them, our myVolo software is built to save you time and deliver better results.

From scheduling and lead generation, to point of sale and billing, myVolo automates all the key functions of member management to get your Martial Arts or Fitness facility running at peak efficiency.

Customization and Templates

Pick a pre-set color template for your user interface and online member portal. Add messages, videos, alerts, social media plugins and more to the portal to create an engaging experience for members.

Management and Tracking

Attendance Tracking & Scheduling

Create as many schedules or classes as you need. Everything that happens in the appointment scheduling software is integrated with billing, payroll and reporting. That means every time you book a session or check in a member, it’s tracked on the member’s billing account to ensure revenue isn’t lost and attendance data is kept up to date.

Martial Arts Software Reports

Real-Time Performance Dashboard & Business Reports

Know how you’re doing in an instant. The dynamic dashboard provides key performance metrics as soon as you log-in including total sales, new members, cancelled members, active members, total outstanding past-due invoices, cancel inquiries, total open tasks, members without a visit and expiring members.

Run 30+ business reports on everything from cost of services and inventory, to sales by category and member birthdays.

Online Member Portal

Integrated with your business website for a seamless experience, the online portal gives members the ability to sign up for classes, pay invoices and make purchases online.

Make your online member portal as engaging as you’d like by easily adding a welcome message, videos, activities of the week, alerts, social media plugins and more.

Schedules, staff availability and room capacity show in real-time to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

Belt Tracking for Martial Arts Schools

Set specific curriculum, programs, levels and ranks according to your business needs. Define requirements such as age, experience level, number of visits, or your own skill requirements to evaluate student progress.

With the software’s belt tracking and management tools, you’ll always know each student’s belt level, when they can test and what requirements they need to complete to advance to the next belt level.

myVolo software saves me at least 10 hours a week on the administrative side of running my business. This allows me to focus on more important and productive tasks such as improving my systems and filling the classroom with new and excited white belts.

Steve Giroux, Owner, Giroux Bros. Martial Arts

Billing and Point of Sale

Flexible Billing & Invoicing

How you bill is entirely up to you. Pre-sell memberships, post-bill for all services, set up weekly payments … the choice is yours. When payments are due, myVolo automatically generates and emails invoices to members to ensure you get paid.

Take billing off your plate completely or do it yourself. We can help you create the best solution for your business.

Our member management software is integrated with our full-service billing and payment processing solution, so you can remove yourself entirely from bill collecting. If a member payment fails or falls behind, we’ll work on your behalf to recover payment through our professional call center and proven reprocessing methods. It’s a system that gives you the predictable cash flow you need — and saves you from chasing down members for past-due payments.

Point of Sale System

Point of Sale (POS) & Integrated Online Store

myVolo’s full-featured point of sale system enables you to create your own product categories, track inventory, scan products, print or email receipts, issue refunds and process all sales transactions. Sell anything from pro-shop items, memberships, individual sessions, personal training packages, private lessons … the choice is yours.

Take your sales online! Through the POS software, you have the option of launching an online store as part of your online member portal. It’s a great way to sell more products and services and generate additional revenue for your business.

Credit Card Processing Solution

We’ve partnered with industry leader, Constellation Payments, to enable our software clients to conveniently accept credit cards at the point of sale and through the myVolo integrated online store.

Due to the size of their processing volume, Constellation Payments obtains highly-competitive rates, allowing our software clients to process payments at an extremely low cost.

Martial Arts Lead Generation

Lead Generation & Marketing

Lead Generation & Management Tools

A complete start-to-finish solution for generating leads and quickly turning them into membership sales.

Through the software you can build lead capture forms to embed directly on your website, schedule task reminders for follow-up, assign lead statuses to track progress, and set timed emails and text messages to send to leads.

Marketing Communication Suite

myVolo software gives you a complete marketing communication suite to effectively interact with existing and prospective members. Facilitate member enrollment and retention by sending personalized emails, text messages, newsletters and surveys.

Additional Features

Staff Management & Payroll Tools

Gym access control

Whether you have two staff members or 20, myVolo software will streamline staff management and save you time. Through the software you can create and adjust staff member profiles and schedules, set pay rates and automate staff schedule notifications.

Automated Door Access

Want to offer 24-hour access to your Fitness facility? myVolo is integrated with security management systems so that you can easily manage members’ access privileges through the software.

Hardware Solutions

Add these hardware solutions to myVolo software to increase efficiency:

  • Electronic signature pads
  • Membership cards
  • Credit card readers
  • Key tags
  • Receipt printers
  • Barcode readers

If you want to increase your revenue, add stability to your cash flow, and sleep great, sign up for myVolo software. It’s a no-brainer.

Larry Wasserman, Owner/Fitness Director, Body Basics Fitness and Body Basics Boot Camps

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