Martial Arts Billing

Run Your School Your Way

Member Solutions provides Martial Arts Schools with flexible billing rates, multiple service levels, all-in-one software, and business support services to accelerate their cash flow and optimize profits.

Whether you’re just starting out, have an established Martial Arts school, or operate a multi-location facility, our Account Executives will help you choose the plan that fits your business the best.

MSI Premium – Where Technology Meets an Experienced Service Team

We’ve seen thousands of membership businesses flourish with the assistance of our experienced customer service team.

With Premium, you get everything that comes with Standard, PLUS our experienced staff that works as an extension of your business. We’ll administer the terms of your membership agreements — and actively manage your accounts by handling questions and requests such as freezes, cancels, and change of due dates.

Our team will also make outbound calls to delinquent accounts to facilitate payment, plus manage chargebacks, so you don’t have to.

It’s a system proven to capture more member payments than a business — or any one person — could collect on their own. Learn more about this service.

Less Delinquent Accounts, Greater Retention

It’s proven that members are more likely to pay on time and openly resolve monetary issues with a billing company. That means when members pay more regularly, they are more likely to attend and use your facility. As a result, delinquent accounts decline and member retention improves.

We Treat Your Members As If They’re Our Own

Member Solutions doesn’t take chances with your reputation. We adhere to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that provides strict guidelines on the collection of consumer paper.

Each customer service representative goes through an intensive training period before making and taking calls. New hires are also closely supervised for a full 90-day period. This training and close supervision ensures each representative knows exactly how to bill and collect your receivables in the most professional way, while helping to maintain member enthusiasm and participation. Calls are also reviewed and monitored daily for quality assurance.

Because we specialize in membership-based organizations, we know just how special your relationship is with each member. Our interactions with your members reflects this sensitivity.

US-Based Customer Service

Member Solutions is synonymous with quality customer service. No matter what billing level you choose, you can count on our in-house, US-based customer care team to handle member inquiries and issues with the utmost care and diligence.

Member Solutions is years ahead of the competition. Their user-friendly, online systems, flexible contract entry, real-time reporting and automated email alerts are critical to our success. Member Solutions enables me to be on top of my business 24/7 from wherever I happen to be.

John Bussard, Kicks Karate

MSI Standard – Delivering Dependable, Recurring Cash Flow to Your Business

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. So why not put a system in place to secure your income?

Billing, Payment Processing, Automated Customer Follow-Up on Delinquent Accounts + US-based Customer Service.

MSI Standard is proven to deliver dependable, recurring cash flow to your business to set your mind at ease.

Membership agreements are entered into our user-friendly portal. From there, membership payments are tendered through our propriety payment processing platform on their due dates automatically.

When payments inevitably fail, we reprocess up to four times to resolve most non-payment situations for you.

Martial Arts Bill Collections

Automated Customer Follow-Up on Delinquent Accounts

In the event a payment is overdue, our automated customer follow-up system kicks in to recover payment, including:

  • Automated delinquency calls to customers
  • Email alerts on member account activity
  • Payment due notifications to members

To facilitate payment collection, members can pay 24/7 using our online payment portal and automated phone payment system.

Keep Track of Our Progress

"How much money will be deposited into my account?” … “How many delinquent accounts are now current?” …

With MSI Standard, you get tools to track our performance. You’ll always know the level of funds collected, and have an up-to-date read on your current member status. Financial reports also help you forecast future business and cash flow.

myVolo Software – Software That Allows YOU to Manage Your Billing

myVolo Software Mobile Devices

How you bill is entirely up to you with our Martial Arts School Management Software, myVolo. You can choose to integrate myVolo with our billing platform to optimize cash flow, or bill members directly on your own. myVolo software will automatically process payments based on due dates through credit card and bank draft billing — ensuring no payments fall through the cracks.

The software also offers robust POS functionality — enabling you to take credit or debit cards (and cash of course!) at your front desk, in the online store or in the member portal website that's included in the application.

Through our partnership with Constellation Payments, you’ll enjoy aggressive merchant processing rates, industry-leading data security and an expanding set of integrated terminal options.

Of course, myVolo also comes with a full set of practical management features to get your business running like clockwork.

Features Include:

  • Attendance tracking and scheduling
  • Automated lead follow-up communication
  • Lead tracking and management
  • Member check-in
  • Belt tracking for Martial Arts schools
  • Automated door access for Fitness facilities

The Highest Level of Data Security

Member Solutions Data Security

Member Solutions is certified as a Level One PCI-compliant Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Achieving this level of PCI compliance means that we adhere to the most rigorous industry-recognized payment card security standard available to secure your members’ personal financial data.

Each year, we undergo a comprehensive on-site audit of our headquarters and an offsite audit of our production environment. The audit includes recurring network security scans, system penetration testing, and a full review of our systems, processes and documented policies and procedures.

No matter what level you choose, rest-assured that your data is secure!

Don’t See a Plan That Fits Your Needs?

We’re flexible! Ask us about our customizable service options.

Request a demo today and you’ll walk away with:

  • A comprehensive cost comparison of your current services
  • A service plan alternative to meet your specific needs
  • Ideas and ways to maximize efficiency in your business and accelerate cash flow

With Member Solutions, I don’t have to worry about who is paying and who isn’t. I have the time to instruct great classes and build my business to what I want it to be.

Peter Trikilas, Owner and Chief Instructor, Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts

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