Full-Service Billing

Since 1991, Member Solutions has specialized in full-service billing for the Martial Arts, Health and Fitness, and Sports industries. Our payment processing and account servicing platform enables us to service any type of financial obligation – and enables thousands of membership businesses to focus on delivering great service and enrolling new members.

We’re an extension of your business. Each Member Solutions in-house customer service team member is trained to professionally bill and collect member payments, while helping to maintain member enthusiasm and participation. As a result, your life is simplified. You no longer need to track who is late on a payment or collect fees from your members – we do all that and we keep you up to date.

Real-Time Reports & E-mail Alerts

Online financial, member, and activity reports put you in full control of your finances – helping you forecast and manage your cash flow. E-mail alerts keep you up to date on all member account activity.

Delinquent Account Management

Each member account is treated with the utmost care and diligence. In the event a member becomes delinquent, we immediately begin servicing activities to recover payment – including phone calls, letters, payment reprocessing, and attorney letters.

Top-Level PCI Data Security

Member Solutions is certified as a Level One PCI Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), the highest level of compliance. This means we adhere to the most stringent certification requirements to secure your members' personal financial data.

The Proof is in the Numbers

We’ll show you how much TIME and MONEY you’d save with Member Solutions. Enter your numbers in the calculator below.

Total Number of Students

Your active student count to date.

Monthly Tuition Payment

The AVERAGE monthly tuition fee you charge.

Average Hourly Wage

Estimate the average hourly rate of staff (including you) that oversees billing management.

Monthly Software Costs

Enter "0" if you do not use a software program for billing-related functions

Hours Spent Per Week on Billing, Accounting, and Payment Processing
13.33 Hours
Monthly Administrative Costs
Monthly Billing, Accounting, and Payment Processing Costs
Monthly Software Costs
Estimated Costs without Member Solutions
YOU COULD SAVE $586.50 with Member Solutions

Member Solutions Cost (Based on 6% Average fee) $0.00

Full-Service Billing Benefits Include:

  • Advanced Billing Portal
  • 24 x 7 "Live" Online Access
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Document Management
  • Customer Online Bill Payment
  • Fully Flexible Billing & Funding Options
  • Automated Billing Alerts
  • Secure & Redundant Data Storage
  • Privacy Assurance Policy

Client Resources:

  • Student Newsletters
  • Generous Referral Program
  • New Direct Print Marketing
  • Access to the Member Solutions Business Advisory Team
  • Century Purchase Plan - exclusive
  • Client Education Program (CEP) - exclusive
  • Educational Webinars from industry experts
  • Digital Ads, Postcards, Flyers, Posters & Lead Boxes
  • Discounts from top vendors via our REWARDS store - exclusive

With Member Solutions, I don’t have to worry about who is paying and who isn’t. I have the time to instruct great classes and build my business to what I want it to be.

Peter Trikilas, Owner and Chief Instructor, Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts

Online Access & Online Membership Contract Entry

Our on-demand, secure web-based client services billing portal allows you to easily access and manage your account. Complete with both overview and in-depth financial, member, delinquency/servicing, and activity reports, as well as real-time alerts, user tools, online contract entry, and much, much more, you'll be empowered with the information you need to help grow, manage and retain your members!

Online Contract Entry

You can easily submit your new and renewal membership contracts through the billing and servicing website or our front-desk member management software. It’s quick and easy – plus you avoid delays in processing due to missing or illegible information. Through online membership contract entry, you receive:

  • Instant contact entry confirmation
  • Rapid activation and processing
  • Automatic validation of contract terms and pricing

Online signature capture and contract storage is available through our front-desk member management software. Call 888.277.4409 or email info@membersolutions.com for details.

Management Portals

Member Solutions offers multiple online web applications or portals to facilitate interaction with your management team, your corporate/franchise locations, and your customers:

  • Enterprise Portal - A corporate portal enables franchiser or multi-location corporate clients to view global activity and trends for their entire enterprise or drill down to individual customer, billing, funding, and payment activity by location.
  • Client Portal - A client portal enables individual locations to efficiently interact with our core billing and servicing solution or our front-desk software and member management portal allowing clients to manage billing, attendance, point-of-sale, scheduling, and more.
  • Customer Portal - A customer (member or student) portal enables your customers to efficiently manage their membership and payment relationship, and communicate with our customer service and support teams.

Delinquent Account Management

Billing User Reviews Capterra User Reviews

When a customer fails to pay his/her bill or the payment is returned, Member Solutions springs into action. Our advanced billing system immediately allocates the proper resources to facilitate collections. Depending on the situation, we begin servicing activities to recover payment. These include any or all of the following efforts:

  • Phone Calls
  • Letters
  • Payment Reprocessing
  • Attorney Letters

Typically some or all of these steps are taken nearly simultaneously to affect the desired result. For really tough cases, Member Solutions works with a skilled on-site legal team to prepare and mail personalized attorney letters to facilitate payment.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Member Solutions doesn't take chances with your reputation. We adhere to the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) that provides strict guidelines on the collection of consumer paper. We focus on professionally billing and collecting your receivables while helping to maintain member enthusiasm and participation.

Because we specialize in membership based organizations, we know just how special your relationship is with each customer. Our interactions with your customers reflect this sensitivity.

A Final Option: Collections

When one of your customers does refuse payment, you are faced with a difficult decision. Do you terminate billing on the account or do you refer the customer to an outside collection agency? Although considered a last resort, collections can yield positive financial results and enforce a customer's contractual obligation. It tells your member base that you are serious when members enroll in your services. After all, think of all the time and energy that goes into the development and training of each and every member.

Only you or your staff can authorize collection action on an account. If you do choose the collection route, Member Solutions makes your decision effortless. Simply notify your customer service team in writing (we provide the form) or online and we do the rest.

Member Solutions uses top-quality national and regional collection agencies and leaves the decision of whether to send your customer to collections squarely with you. This differs dramatically from much of our competition. Not only do many companies transfer your accounts to an in-house “collection agency,” they often do so without your knowledge or approval!

Advanced Reporting

Weekly Activity Report

The full-featured Weekly Activity Report is designed to help you quickly monitor customer activities, providing a snapshot of essential information based on weekly activity from Monday through Sunday.

Captured information includes new, cancelled, and expiring accounts, customer cancellation and follow-up requests, web note requests, alert messages, delinquent accounts, and a handy "contact us" area for feedback to the Member Solutions client service team.

Deposit Activity Report

The Deposit Activity Report is a great tool to make reconciling your advances easier than ever. The easy-to-read, yet comprehensive report contains both deposit summary and deposit details, including total payments processed, returned and refunded payments, customer paid fees, client charges and credits, and special and set advances!

Daily Checkup Report

The Daily Checkup Report is an essential business report that allows you to easily and accurately see trends in many aspects of your business by comparing data such as payments collected and active members over a six-month rolling period.

A handy “How-To Guide” is easily available to help maximize your effectiveness in interpreting this mission-critical data.

All of our advanced reports are just another example of how we empower our clients with the knowledge to make better and quicker decisions in the day-to-day management of their business.

This is Member Solutions’ core competence – they’re the experts in billing and servicing. Using Member Solutions, my payment turnaround and cash flow has improved. Even better, having their billing system in place has allowed us to remove ourselves from billing entirely so that we can focus solely on our students and growing the business.

Khun Kru Nakapan Phungephorn, BETA Academy

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