Scheduling Software for Personal Trainers

Manage Your Personal Training Business From Anywhere, Anytime.

myVolo Personal Training Studio Software

Built by trainers for trainers, myVolo automates key tasks like scheduling, billing and lead management. Appointment email reminders are sent to reduce no-shows. Invoices are generated and emailed to clients to ensure you get paid. Follow-up emails are automatically sent to leads.

Core Personal Training Software Features Include:

  • Integrated Scheduling — Kiss double bookings good-bye! Schedules show in real-time to eliminate scheduling conflicts. Quickly find available appointments and book sessions. Set automated email reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Lead Generation & Management Tools — Generating leads and converting leads into clients is critical to the success of your business. With the Personal Trainer software, you can build custom lead capture forms to embed on your website. Automate work flows and assign follow-up tasks at specific points in the sales cycle. Set automated emails and text messages at designated dates and times. Create custom statuses to track progress and marketing effectiveness.
  • Personal Trainer Point of Sale System Online Member Portal — No more phone tag! No more time-consuming admin work! Clients can sign up for sessions, update their profiles, purchase sessions, and pay invoices from the online member portal. You determine how much or how little your clients access. The dashboard can be customized to your business logic and immediately integrated with your business website.

    Through the software, you can also launch an online store as part of your online member portal — a great way to sell more products and services and generate additional revenue.
  • Flexible Billing & Invoicing — Get paid for every single service you provide. Purchases, membership fees, and session packages get added to client accounts automatically to eliminate billing errors. Appointments can be tracked by schedule through to invoicing and payroll.

    myVolo software is also integrated with our full-service billing and payment processing solution, so you can remove yourself entirely from bill collecting.
  • Personal Training Studio Reporting Real-Time Performance Dashboard & Business Reports — The dynamic dashboard provides key performance metrics as soon as you log-in. 30+ real-time reports show you every aspect of your business from cost of services to sales by category.

I can’t believe how simple billing and invoicing is with the software. The first of the month comes, I hit two buttons, and before I know it, I get paid.

Maria Mountain, MSC, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning, Coach/Owner, Revolution Conditioning
Personal Trainer Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Make it easy for your members to make a down payment, purchase an item from your pro shop, or pay their membership fee on site!

Member Solutions' complete credit card processing solution is perfect for your business. Our unmatched, personal service makes setting up an account simple — requiring very little time and effort on your part to get started.

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Our credit card processing solution enables you to conveniently accept credit cards at your business — and launch an integrated online store through the software! Call 888.277.4409 or email to learn more.

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Personal Trainer Event Registration Software

Event Manager – Online Registration Software

Take your event sign-ups and payments online instantly! Event Manager can be used for all types of events: personal training sessions, boot camps, adventure races, community events and more. Registrants click the link to your registration page, fill out the online form and pay online 24/7 — requiring no action from you or your staff!

Easy-to-use and extremely affordable, Event Manager provides an integrated set of tools to simplify the sign-up process for all your Fitness events.

  • Built-in marketing functions
  • Immediate and secure payment processing
  • Level One PCI-compliant platform
  • Up-to-the-minute data reporting
  • Complete registration control
  • Tournament management tool
  • Learn more about Event Manager