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8 Creative New Year Marketing Ideas for Your Fitness Business

By Member Solutions

New Year Fitness Marketing

On January 1st, your business will see an influx of prospective members who’ve made resolutions to live fitter, healthier lives. But how do you make sure they choose your business over your competitor?

Whether you’re looking for a new marketing tactic to try this New Year, or you want to improve upon what you did last year, this list will help you hone your marketing during this crucial season for your fitness business. Continue reading


Quick Tips to Stick to Your Fitness Business Resolutions

By myVolo Software

GoalsOK … so we have officially passed the one week mark of 2013. That means it’s time for your first of 52 fitness business goal assessments. It’s a practice I faithfully follow and highly recommend: sit down once a week, look at what was accomplished, and what needs to be done in the coming week.

Since this is the first week for reviewing your business goals, we will start by setting some fundamental definitions to use in your future weekly reviews. The definitions will help determine if you have a legitimate reason — or just an excuse — for not completing a weekly task.

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10 Fitness Business Goals for Success in the New Year

By myVolo Software

2013_Volo_imageEvery year we in the fitness industry hear the resolutions from our existing clients and future clients that want to make a lifestyle change. It could be to lose that elusive final 10 lbs., or a much larger goal of a total body and life transformation. We are here to assist with these goals and to guide our clients to success. But how about your business’ success? As entrepreneurs and fitness business owners we often do not take the time to consider what it is that will make our year better. Who is there to assist us?

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Turn Lessons into Action Items for the New Year – Dina Engel

By Dina Engel

describe the imageThe end of year is a great time to reflect on your business and make plans for the upcoming year. I belong to a peer organization that meets monthly to discuss business strategies, process issues, and learn from speakers on a variety of practical topics.

At the end of each year, we spend several hours as a team assessing the obvious benchmarks for our businesses (Part 1 below), as well as the not-so-obvious (Part 2 below). These include personal accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned to help us set thoughtful goals for the New Year. It’s time well spent. We come out more aware of our growth and challenges, and use this information to set REALISTIC goals going forward. The word realistic is critically important when you want buy-in and motivation from your team.

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Your New Year’s Resolution – Protect Your Business – Andrew Kasmen

By Member Solutions

protection   windows 7 wallpapersThe New Year is a perfect time to set new goals for your business for the coming year and for the future. While it is obviously important to have a plan in place to obtain new members and retain existing ones, it is equally as important to protect the business that you have built from risk.

Would your business survive if you were sued by a member who suffered a serious injury during training? How about if one of your employees took a member’s credit card information and used it for their own personal expenses? What if you were sued by a parent claiming that one of your instructors improperly touched their child?

In these litigious times, it is critically important that you protect your investment from liability and financial loss. Moreover, if you run a business like a Martial Arts studio, MMA gym or fitness club that provides physical fitness classes, curriculum and activities, it is critical to protect your business and yourself in the event your staff or members are injured during normal business operations.

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Are “Stop Doing” Goals Part of Your New Year’s Resolution List? – Kristen Campbell

By Member Solutions

With resolutions still at the top of our minds, I think it is appropriate to share an article I recently came across. Like most of us, I set my New Year’s resolutions on what I should start doing in the New Year (one of mine: I should get to the gym three to four times a week).

Well here’s a different take on resolutions: Instead of focusing on the typical “start doing” list, why not set a “stop doing” list?

In this article, Donna Fenn, author of Upstarts! How Gen Y Entrepreneurs are Rocking the World of Business, surveyed business owners to find out what they’d put on their “stop doing” lists.  I could relate to most of the items, such as turning off e-mail for a while or cancelling some meetings to make ample time for important projects.

Read the article To Hell with Resolutions! What’s on Your “Stop Doing” List? and let me know what you think. Maybe you have another “stop doing” suggestion to add, or something else to share. Either way, comment below.


10 Ways to Take Advantage of Weight Loss Demand After the New Year

By Member Solutions

Can you please send a Top 10 list on how to maximize the weight loss demand by adults after the New Year?

Based on what I myself do, here are ten suggestions:

1. Post articles on your website and supply flyers to members on healthy lifestyles, like this one on the Top 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight by Women Fitness.

2. After the New Year, offer free body fat composition testing on Saturdays at your location every Saturday, open to the public.

3. Have a “New Year Biggest Winner” contest from January to February. “No Buddy” is a loser.  Members work with a buddy. They compete together for eight weeks.

4. Find a local 5K race that your school or gym can compete in as a team. Everyone chips in $10.  Participants get shirts and special training for the race. Non-members can be offered to opt in at $150[≈ Household daily income, 2011].

5. Embrace “everyone is a fighter” slogans. Every day, people must understand that anyone walking in your door is involved in some kind of fight:  to lose weight, combat cancer, reduce high blood pressure, lower stress levels, etc. It’s so important for you to take the time to find out what they are fighting for. If you keep this as the only focus in your schools, the weight loss will come.

6. Offer free half hour fitness assessment testing for all new members. Find out where they are starting off, where they want to go, and take their pictures to document change.

7. Every day in January and February, post a weight loss “tip of the day” on your website, Facebook, Twitter and dry-erase boards.

8. Ask for a show of hands in class: how many people are interested in losing weight in the New Year? Get members excited in class. Understand that each time they hear weight loss they get motivated. They know they are heavier than their comfort zone, and hearing others say in a relaxed setting that they are similarly not happy goes a long way. The feelings will remain hidden if you leave them unaddressed.

9. Make them do five more in January.  When we get our members down on the floor to do their crunches at the end of class, and they are fatigued and ready to call it a day, we tell them to give us five more.

10. Educate members. Make them understand that a change is necessary in their lives if they “want to see a new you.” It will not happen by doing one thing: they need a plan, a schedule, a path to follow.  Let them know that as their instructor you are going to help show them the way.


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