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10 Ways to Boost Online Registrations (And Use Event Manager Software Like a Champ) – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell


The more registrations you get for your events, the more opportunity you create to grow your business, camp, sports league or organization.

But how do you get the ball rolling? How do you get more registrations for your events?

Online tools like Event Manager online registration software automate and organize event registration — and process and secure event payments. What you might not know is that the software also comes with a set of controls and features to drive demand and increase registrations.

So here’s a rundown. 10 ways to speed up online event registrations and use Event Manager software like a champ.

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MUST-READS: The Most Popular Posts of 2013 – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

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If you’re going to read any articles from the Member Solutions Business Building blog, these are it. Some go back to the basics — reminding us of the fundamentals that keep a business strong and stable. Others hit on the main success drivers of membership-based businesses — enrolling new members and keeping the ones you’ve got.

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6 Ways to Make a Difference During National Bullying Prevention Month – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

Every seven minutes a person is bullied.* And it’s not just face-to-face, physical encounters. With the Internet and mobile devices easily at hand, cyberbullying and sexting are common too.

No matter its form, bullying can damage a child and lead to serious social and health issues. Children who are bullied are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, loss of interest in activities, changes in sleep and eating patterns — and are more likely to miss, skip or drop out of school.** Bullying is also linked to substance abuse and suicide.

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Mother’s Day: 7 Ways to Honor Moms & Build Your Business – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

Mother’s Day is coming – a great time to recognize the moms in your school and in your community. Many Martial Arts schools and Fitness businesses are paying tribute to moms through special promotions that encourage new business during the month of May.

Here are some easy-to-implement ideas you can put in place quickly:

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Facebook & Event Manager: Your Shortcut to Setting Up & Promoting Business Events Online – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

So you use Facebook to promote your New Year’s sale, share a fitness tip, and showcase student belt testings. But do you use Facebook to promote special events like parent date nights, fitness boot camps, buddy days, and tournaments? Doing so will only take about 5 minutes of your time, and will get the word out about your event in mere seconds.

We just created an Event on the Member Solutions Facebook page for our 2013 Business Bootcamp Conference & Awards. Take a look at it for an example of setting up an Event on Facebook. I also suggest reading the article: How to Promote Your Business Events on Facebook from Entrepreneur.com.  The article includes simple-to-follow instruction for filling out the Details section within a Facebook Event Listing.

Three great takeaways regarding set up:

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Bullying Prevention: 4 Ways to Make a Positive Change Right Away – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell


Bullying can result in severe and long-lasting consequences for all involved. That’s why it’s extremely important to educate ourselves and others to recognize bullying and help prevent it.

“Many of our Martial Arts school clients include bullying prevention as part of their curriculum,” said Steve Pinado, Member Solutions CEO. “That curriculum gives students practical strategies and the self-confidence to spot bullying and take a stand against it. We’re happy to be part of an industry that can make such a positive impact and want to show our support and raise awareness.”

This October we can all make an even greater impact by actively participating in National Bullying Prevention Month.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Event Turnout – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

g--marketing-blog-all_blog_images-mobile_mrktng_smallWhether you’re hosting a one week camp or a one hour seminar, you need to make people aware of the event in order for it to be successful. Here are 5 useful event marketing tips to help get those seats filled.

1. Promote your events through ALL communication outlets REPEATEDLY.
Your target audience is overloaded with information so you need to put yourself in front of them again and again. Repeatedly spread the word about your event across all marketing channels. Send e-mails to prospects several times before the event date with a link to the registration page.  Post about your event on your social media networks at least once a week (again, include a link to the online registration page). Ask staff to mention the event at the front desk, and at the beginning and end of classes and lessons. Post flyers around your facility. Make calls to invite your members.

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4 Quick Tips to Boost Member Retention This Summer – Kristen Campbell

By Kristen Campbell

describe the imageWith Summer approaching, it becomes increasingly important to keep your members fully engaged and committed to their training.

You’re not just competing with other sports now — you’re up against Summer vacations, schedule changes and the nice warm weather!

Here are four quick ways to engage your members and keep member retention solid.

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5 Tips to Generate a Little Valentine’s Day Love for Your Membership-Based Business – Kristen Campbell

By Member Solutions

5 Tips to Generate a Little Valentine’s Day Love for Your Membership-Based Business - Kristen CampbellWalk into any grocery store and you’ll see shelves filled with heart-shaped candies, cookies and cards. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on its way. Just like Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, February 14th – and the days leading up to it – are days of opportunity for your business.

Hosting special activities and events during this time can create excitement and help strengthen retention with your existing member base. Valentine’s Day also gives you the chance to generate brand-new member enrollments and revenue.

Here are 5 ideas to help you create buzz in your business and boost enrollments, retention and revenue.

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Escaping the “Revolving Door” – 3 Ways to Regain Your Martial Arts Students after the Summer – Kristen Campbell

By Member Solutions

The back-to-school season is coming … a time when most schools will be hopping with renewed energy and selling new memberships left and right.

All’s good, but what happened to your students who took the summer off? They haven’t been to class for a good two months. Your staff has tried to get in touch with them but hasn’t been able to connect. Now after being away from training for so long, most of these students feel uneasy to return… so uneasy that some have decided not to continue training at all.

Sound familiar? It’s the start of the classic revolving door syndrome … the pattern of replacing old students with new … never being able to make any headway … never growing a solid student base.

Don’t let this happen to you! Taking a little time to communicate and re-connect with your existing students is well worth the effort and will help you solidify your student base so you can continue growing your business.

Below are three tips to regain your Martial Arts students after they take the summer off. Make note of each, then add to the list by commenting below:

Communications is the foundation of any effective member retention plan. A quick call or an e-mail about your services, new classes, and upcoming events shows you care and allows you to re-connect with your students and students’ parents.

Start by going through your member list to see who hasn’t been in for a while and who took the summer off. If you are a Member Management Solution user, you can easily run a report within the software.

Total your list and make note of how many e-mail addresses and phone numbers you have. Split the list between you and your staff to start making calls and sending e-mails. If you have both e-mail and phone number, place a call and shoot out an e-mail to optimize communications.

2)    Hold a Back-to-School Party
Hosting a back-to-school party is a great way to get your students and their friends to your school. Make it fun and exciting with prizes that reinforce your retention efforts. For example, give out a prize for a free private. Students will enjoy winning, and, at the same time, you are providing an incentive for students and their friends to come back to your school for more.

3)    Offer complimentary private lessons
Pair the above two tips with an offer for a complimentary private lesson. Communicate this offer in your phone calls and e-mails, and give out certificates for a free private lesson as a prize at your back-to-school party. Most students will appreciate the one-on-one instruction to ease their way back into training.

Now it’s your turn. What are you doing to grow your school and close that revolving door?

Add to the list by commenting below.

Kristen Campbell is a Marketing Specialist with Member Solutions.

Try out our Online Event Registration System !

Use Event Manager to easily manage and market your school events online. Event Manager provides over a dozen event templates to help get you started, including a back-to-school party form and a Halloween party form.