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When Good Times Go Bad: Disaster Recovery Planning – Andrew Kasmen, Esq.

By Andrew Kasmen, Esq.

There’s no doubt you’ve invested countless hours, money, resources and sweat to make your Fitness business successful and countless more to maintain that success. But have you adequately prepared to ensure your business survives in the event of a disaster? Major disasters or large-scale power outages are rare, but smaller disasters, like server failure, burst pipes or fires happen every day. Companies often prepare for the worst but forget the everyday challenges, which can be just as crippling.

Studies show that after a major disaster: approximately 25% of businesses never reopen; and 90% of businesses fail within a year unless they resume operations within 5 days. Even minor disasters can cause substantial revenue loss and downtime.

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6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Membership Business – Michael Connor

By Michael Connor

sales_upWhen it comes to business valuation, you may be thinking: “Why should I even care about having a business valuation? I’m nowhere near retirement or looking to sell my business.”

While business valuation helps to circumvent “price shock” near the time of the sale, valuation isn’t just for retirement and planning your exit strategy. Smart business owners make the valuation process part of forward planning. Understanding the value of your business today will help you make informed decisions that positively impact the success of your business in the future.

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Donald Trump and the Dot Principle – Gustavo Larrea

By Gustavo Larrea

trump“See” Yourself Succeeding and You WILL! [Part 2]

In my last post, I shared the laws and principles I use to run my business. I also talked about creating a mastermind – a team of people who network and share ideas and skills for the benefit of the group as a whole and the people they serve.

Here’s a quick reminder of the “players” in my imaginary mastermind: Jesus, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn.

For today’s topic, the key player is Donald Trump. That’s not to say that everyone else is not involved, but our topic happens to be real estate and that is Mr. Trump’s area of expertise!

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10 Fitness Business Goals for Success in the New Year

By myVolo Software

2013_Volo_imageEvery year we in the fitness industry hear the resolutions from our existing clients and future clients that want to make a lifestyle change. It could be to lose that elusive final 10 lbs., or a much larger goal of a total body and life transformation. We are here to assist with these goals and to guide our clients to success. But how about your business’ success? As entrepreneurs and fitness business owners we often do not take the time to consider what it is that will make our year better. Who is there to assist us?

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Take a New Approach in 2013: Offer Your Martial Arts Program Offsite – Steve Giroux

By Steve Giroux

communityThink for a minute that your Martial Arts studio is a restaurant or delicatessen. You have a quality product and everyone that visits you quickly becomes a “regular”. But, as the owner, you really would like to explore other avenues to introduce yourself and your product to the public, all while creating another stream of revenue for your business. You then decide to tap into the catering market. What a great way to introduce yourself to friends and family of your current clientele, all while increasing your popularity within the community.

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Surviving a Natural Disaster: Tips to Prepare and Protect Your Business – Andrew Kasmen

By Andrew Kasmen, Esq.

SOSIt is the rare, and lucky, individual who has not felt some business or personal impact from a natural or man-made disaster.  Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms and similar events have caused tremendous destruction, yet most business owners fail to plan for such catastrophic events. What would you do if your business fell victim to a natural or man-made disaster?

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Planning & Preparation Tips for Opening Another Business Location – Jeff Dousharm

By Jeff Dousharm

describe the imageQuestion: I”m thinking of opening another location. What are the most important considerations to keep in mind before taking this big step?

In my previous post, I recommended taking a long hard look at your business ― well before taking the plunge to open a second business location.

After your self-assessment, if you can honestly answer that your business is built on systems ― that your business would function efficiently and effectively without you being there — then, in my opinion, you are ready to seriously consider opening a second business place. In this post, I’ll cover some of the must-have elements to successful expansion and the benefits of running a multi-location business.

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Business Continuation Planning Essential for Survival – Andrew Kasmen

By Andrew Kasmen, Esq.

RetirementAt some point in time you will leave your business. You may not know how or when, but most often it will happen in one of three ways: retirement (or sale of the business); disability; or death. What happens to your business, or critically to you and your family, in these situations?

The personal relationships that you have taken years to nurture and build may disappear in an instant without any compensation for your time, energy and dedication. To protect the value of those relationships and ensure that the situation does not end poorly, you need a business continuation plan.

Let’s examine the issues that could come about as a result of death, retirement and disability:

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Logical Success Tips to Increase Enrollments & Grow Your Business – Chuck Heacock

By Member Solutions

Most of you know me already. My name is Chuck Heacock. I was instrumental in developing the Krav Maga Worldwide Licensing program. Today I am the owner of the Fitness Compound and consultant to some of the largest health club organizations on the planet. I specialize in the Adult Fitness market share.

Every day, when I answer my phone, the first thing I often hear is “I need your help”. My objective today is to help fast track anyone that is wise enough not only to read this blog, but to digest what the Member Solutions Business Advisory Team is sharing.

Part of this post will be dedicated to help you make a logical decision to add an adult program to your revenue stream. The second part will provide three success tips I’ve learned along the way that will surely help you grow your business.

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