myVolo All-in-One Software Enables Martial Arts Studio to Run Like Clockwork

Ken Marchtaler, Owner, Warrior Martial Arts, Victoria, British Columbia

Warrior Martial Arts challenges students to reach for their greatest human potential. Age-specific programs enable students to acquire optimal self-defense skills, as well as physical and mental wellness.

Member Solutions has done a phenomenal job … marrying their billing service and my studio’s own processing into one software. I don’t have to look at two systems. I use one — myVolo — to stay organized and keep the business running smoothly.”

Student check-in. Billing. Contract management. Scheduling. Merchant processing. Lead management. There’s a lot that goes into running a Martial Arts school. Owner of Warrior Martial Arts, Ken Marchtaler, was in search of a software that would bring it all under one roof to make his business life easier.

Ken started using myVolo member management software by Member Solutions. “I’ve been a Member Solutions billing client since 2003. I trust Member Solutions. They’re my business partner. They know the Martial Arts industry. I was beyond excited to hear they have a software and that it integrates with full-service billing so I’d only have to use one system.”

Ken needs everything in one place and that’s what he gets with myVolo. Along with a full set of practical member management tools to keep his business running, he enjoys significant savings. He uses a low-cost Constellation Payments merchant account to accept credit cards at the point of sale and through the myVolo integrated online store.

Ken also raves about myVolo’s simple-to-use widgets for creating and embedding dynamic class schedules and lead capture forms on his business website.

The screen flow is more conducive to Martial Arts than I found with other software providers. Setting up a contract is a lot easier compared to other software I’ve used.”

What’s Ken’s favorite can’t-live-without myVolo feature? “Check-in. We use a tablet. Our assistant takes the tablet and does the check-in for the entire class… then it’s all done and recorded … just like that. It doesn’t get any easier.

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