Using Event Manager to Drive Camp Registrations & Simplify the Sign-Up Process

Nancy Smith, Twin Oaks Riding Academy, Leesburg, Virginia

Twin Oaks Riding Academy provides horseback riding lessons for children and adults in the Northern Virginia area. The Academy also hosts horse camps for young riders throughout the year.

“We’ve come to realize that online registration is a standard that every camp should have in place. We were hesitant at first to take my registrations online. We thought it would be too hard to make that change. It turns out it was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

Prior to having an online sign-up system, Twin Oaks Riding Academy’s registration process involved completing a paper form and mailing it in with a check. The process worked well at the start, but eventually, too much time was spent collecting forms and checks. The manual sign-up method was also becoming more and more inconvenient for parents of campers. “We were at a point where we weren’t happy with our registrations. We realized if we wanted registrations and wanted to get paid, we needed to make the sign-up process user-friendly. Customers don’t carry their checkbooks with them anymore.”

In Spring of 2012, Twin Oaks Riding Academy made the leap to online registration by using Member Solutions’ Event Manager online event registration software.

Since using Event Manager, the administrative workload has lightened, camp registrations have increased, and customers are happy to have a convenient online registration option.

-As of June 1, 2012, registrations for Twin Oaks Riding Academy have increased by 30% compared to June 2011.

-Parents of campers have expressed their satisfaction with the new online process. “Parents like they fact that they get an immediate notification after registering.”

-Due to rapidly filling a once-a-month camp with Event Manager, Twin Oaks Riding Academy has added a second Young Riders camp option per month.

-Administrative workload has decreased considerably. “We used to have to email or call campers to confirm. Now they receive an automated e-mail confirmation with receipt.“

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