Full-Service Billing Solution Frees Time to Focus on CrossFit® Training and Building Business

George Demetriou, Owner & Coach, Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk, Holbrook, New York

Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk provides CrossFit® sessions along with self-defense classes.

“If you need to collect money, you need to be with Member Solutions. Their full-service billing solution is second to none. My customers are more committed now than ever, which has improved retention for my facility.”

When George Demetriou opened his doors in 2008, he was in charge of collecting payments from his members. Wanting to focus solely on conducting classes and building his business, he was the guy chasing members down for late payments – situations that were often uncomfortable and time-consuming. He longed for days free of billing and payment nightmares.

After receiving a recommendation from another CrossFit® gym owner, George turned to Member Solutions. The full-service billing solution would manage the entire billing relationship with his members – from billing and collecting, to processing. The full-service solution would also help build better customer relationships and retention.

Using Member Solutions’ full-service billing, it became immediately apparent to George that members were more committed to their memberships, helping increase member retention at Spartan Performance. By using the full-service billing solution, George also now has the time to focus on conducting powerful CrossFit® classes and enrolling new members to grow his gym.

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