Improve Event Registrations Counts and Web Presence

Earl Brewer, Owner, Shooting Stars Lacrosse Camp, Fairfax, Virginia

Shooting Stars Lacrosse Camp hosts one-week under-15 boys’ and girls’ lacrosse camps.

“Member Solutions’ Website and Event Manager Program is the way to go. I now have my camp registration process online and have hit a record high in registrations. And the website couldn’t be easier to maintain.”

Earl Brewer needed a way to increase lacrosse camp registrations and enhance his web presence. His website was clunky and hard to maintain. A simple website change meant hours of his time. Earl’s lacrosse registration process – mass paper mailings – was also long-drawn-out and costing hundreds of dollars to print.

With the help of Member Solutions’ Website and Event Manager Program, Earl can easily customize his website and make changes, edit sign up forms and add more as needed. Plus, players can sign up themselves and pay online. Best of all, Earl gets all the player information in one spot – including agreement terms and conditions, payment, reporting and data access for marketing.

With Event Manager, Earl has been able to set a record in registrations … 90% of his campers registered online this year! “The registration process is much easier for my players, their families, and me.” Now Earl doesn’t worry about going to the mailbox and depositing checks into his account, all that is done through Event Manager. He can also easily download a list of campers to help with camp check-in. Website Manager puts Earl in full control, enabling him to instantly make changes and easily maintain his lacrosse camp website.

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