Martial Arts School Owner Enjoys More Time for Instructing Classes and Building Business

Peter Trikilas, Owner and Chief Instructor, Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts, Dayton, New Jersey

Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts offers four programs: Little Dragons, Jr. Black Belt, Teenage and Adult Martial Arts, and Zumba

“With Member Solutions, I don’t have to worry about who is paying and who isn’t. I have the time to instruct great classes and build my business to what I want it to be.”

Opening his own Martial Arts academy in March 2011, Peter wanted to make sure he could focus on growing his business. “I’ve seen the disasters of in-house billing. I promised myself that I would never do that if I opened my own business one day. You can’t run a successful school and wear the hat of bill collector. Other areas of your business are sure to suffer.”

Peter did his share of researching billing companies. “My goal has always been to run a well-respected, successful business. Professionalism was at the top of my list for a billing company. Everyone I spoke to recommended Member Solutions. Member Solutions’ customer service is always professional and reliable. I have members come up to me saying how pleased they are with their experience with Member Solutions.”

Since opening his school, Peter has experienced explosive growth in a year and a half — from 40 sign-ups at grand opening to over 500 students with solid retention! “Not having to worry about billing has taken a great burden off my shoulders. I can focus my time on instructing classes, attracting new members and building my business. I also use Member Solutions reporting every day. As soon as I walk into my school, I run the activity and projected income reports to see where I’m at and set my goals for next month. It’s a great motivator.”

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