Martial Arts School Owner Secures Student Tuition, Gains Peace of Mind, with Billing Management Service

Sal Zangari, Owner and Senior Master Instructor, Bucks County Karate / Southampton Martial Arts, Richboro / Southampton, Pennsylvania

Bucks County Karate offers a variety of programs including: Little Ninjas, Youth Martial Arts, Teen and Adult Martial Arts, Krav Maga, and Fitness Kickboxing.

I would absolutely recommend Member Solutions to all Martial Arts and Fitness studios out there. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the financial end of your business is being taken care of.

Plus, their customer service is second to none. I’ve worked with a couple billing companies in the last 25 years and it wasn’t like how it is with Member Solutions. 

It’s as if Bucks County Karate and Member Solutions are part of the same company. They know our students, they know the industry, they are always polite and exceptionally knowledgeable.”

After graduating from Drexel University with duel majors in Accounting and Finance, and spending three years in the corporate world, Sal made up his mind to pursue his dream of making a difference. Just two years after taking his first Karate class, he followed his heart and opened his own Martial Arts studio.

Sal enjoyed teaching classes. His reward was watching students evolve in the art and grow as individuals. What he didn’t enjoy was worrying about student payments.

“I kept saying … I shouldn’t be the one collecting tuition or following up on payment issues. My instructors shouldn’t either. We need to focus on teaching and reaching our business goals; not who is paid up.”

Determined to remove himself and his staff from the bill collector role entirely, Sal outsourced his tuition management to Member Solutions. With this new system in place, the in-house customer care team at Member Solutions works as Sal’s financial department. Member Solutions administers the terms of student member agreements and handles all payment-related functions from change of due dates and credit card expirations, to payment follow-up calls.

Today, Sal and his team enter their membership agreements into a user-friendly online portal provided by Member Solutions. From there, tuition management, payment processing and contract administration is handled by the Member Solutions staff.

Having this reliable financial arm as part of the business allows Sal and his instructors to focus their time on teaching students and growing the student base at Bucks County Karate / Southampton Martial Arts.

“With Member Solutions, instead of spending time on payment issues, I focus my time on driving traffic to my business, developing solid lesson plans, working on techniques with new students, keeping existing students motivated, and building rapport with parents and students.

Member Solutions is what I call my “internal control system”. I know what’s going on – they even send me email alerts to keep me up to date on their progress and changes in member accounts. But the key is … I’m not the one doing the legwork.

I let the billing experts work on securing the student tuition, while I focus on teaching exciting classes and helping students grow as Martial Artists and individuals. That’s the reason I started my business in the first place and why I have been doing it happily and successfully for over 25 years now.”

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