myVolo Software Simplifies Martial Arts School Management

Steve Giroux, Owner, Giroux Bros. Martial Arts, Newtonville, Massachusetts

Giroux Bros. Martial Arts provides children and adult Martial Arts programs teaching Chun Kuk Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-protection skills.

“myVolo software saves me at least 10 hours a week on the administrative side of running my business. This allows me to focus on more important and productive tasks such as improving my systems and filling the classroom with new and excited white belts.”

For years, Martial Arts School Owner, Steve Giroux, had spent countless hours comparing his student list, created in Microsoft Excel, with the current student list of his billing company. As his student base grew, this continued to be a daunting task. He would find that multiple students missed their payments each month. He eventually was able to collect the money, but it disrupted his cash flow, making running his business challenging at times.

He also needed a way to track employee hours. Each week, he would wait for employees to email him their timesheets. If one person was late getting the information over, payroll would go out late.

After receiving a demonstration at the Martial Arts SuperShow, Steve decided to switch over from his current software and billing provider to use myVolo and its full-service billing integration with Member Solutions. Implementation and training were completed in August and everything was running smoothly in time for the Back-to-School rush.

Steve was able to move all of his systems to an online process with myVolo software. He no longer has to spend time reconciling student lists or updating attendance records. Students check in through an iPad. If they miss a payment, an alert pops up before confirming check-in.

“I am now able to get the updated credit card information from my students, keeping my monthly projected cash flow at 95% or better.”

Staff also has a check-in process through the new system. This helps tremendously with processing payroll. Steve no longer waits for everyone to email in their timesheets. Rates are also calculated based on the types of appointments completed.

“I simply run a payroll report for the time period needed and all staff hours and appointments are accounted for.”

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