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Thousands of Martial Arts schools and Fitness businesses use our software and billing solutions to make their business lives easier and accelerate growth.  

Achieving Financial Freedom with Billing & Servicing …

Peter Trikilas, Owner and Chief Instructor
Dayton, New Jersey

When Peter Trikilas opened his school in March 2011, he wanted to make sure he had time to focus on growing it.

“With Member Solutions, I don’t have to worry about who is paying and who isn’t. I have the time to instruct great classes and build my business to what I want it to be.”

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Sal Zangari, Owner and Senior Master Instructor
Richboro / Southampton, Pennsylvania

Sal enjoys teaching classes. His reward is watching students evolve in Martial Arts and grow as individuals. What he doesn’t enjoy … worrying about student payments.

I would absolutely recommend Member Solutions to all Martial Arts and Fitness studios out there. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the financial end of your business is being taken care of.

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George Demetriou, Owner and Coach
Holbrook, New York

Wanting to focus solely on conducting classes and building his business, George was the guy chasing members down for late payments — situations that were often uncomfortable and time-consuming.

“If you need to collect money, you need to be with Member Solutions. Their full-service billing solution is second to none. My customers are more committed now than ever, which has improved retention for my facility.”

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Michael Gerry
, Owner and Coach
Spokane, Washington

Michael needed a consistent and reliable service solution that would add predictability and professionalism to his bill collecting efforts, and ramp up his member retention.

“The Member Solutions staff is extremely professional. Their expertise in collecting member payments turns each customer interaction into a pleasant experience. That alone contributes to high retention for my facility.”

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Making Registration Simple with Event Manager Software …

John Derham, Director of Lacrosse Operations
Villanova, Pennsylvania

The Men’s Lacrosse coaching staff at Villanova University needed a simple solution to promote their summer camps and manage its growing registrations.

“If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to manage camp registrations and increase revenue, Member Solutions is the answer!”

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describe the imageBUCKS SELECT LACROSSE
Paul McGovern, Head Coach
Bucks County, Pennsylvania

With more than 350 players spread across 18 teams, Bucks Select Lacrosse was in need of a major upgrade from their basic paper registration process.

“All of our club’s player and family data is in one secure spot with Event Manager. I love that I can access registrations and player data anytime on my phone or PC.”

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twinoaksridingacademy_logoTWIN OAKS RIDING ACADEMY
Nancy Smith, Owner
Leesburg, Virginia

Prior to having an online sign-up system, Twin Oaks Riding Academy’s registration process involved completing a paper form and mailing it in with a check. The process worked well at the start, but as time went on, much of Nancy’s time was spent collecting forms and checks.

“I’ve come to realize that online registration is a standard that every camp should have in place. I was hesitant at first to take my registrations online. I thought it would be too hard to make that change. It turns out it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

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describe the imageBobby Spezzano, Director/Owner
Greenwich, Connecticut

“Event Manager has contributed to the growth of our academy. It’s a great plug and play solution for anyone running sports camps and clinics.”

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RJ LoPresti, Owner and Instructor
Cumming, Georgia

Registering for belt testings, buddy days, birthday parties and Martial Arts classes at Choe’s HapKiDo of Cumming was becoming time-consuming and tedious. RJ and his team needed to streamline methods to free up their time and keep focus on their students.

“With Event Manager, we can spend our time on our students and their needs, not gathering registrations and payments. I recommend Event Manager to anyone who wants to have more freedom to grow their business!”

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Jason Flame, Owner,
Moorpark, California

Running multiple events each month, the instructors and front desk personnel of Tang Soo Do University was consumed with gathering paper registrations and event payments.

“Having Event Manager allows me to capture online registrations at all hours of the day – not just during normal business hours. My staff at Tang Soo Do University can now focus on more important aspects of the business — like running classes and getting to know the students.”

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Kevin Doerksen, Owner and Master Instructor
Coquitlam, British Columbia

With Event Manager, Personal Best Martial Arts enjoys a streamlined event registration process with more sign-ups, more leads and greater merchandise sales.

“I highly recommend Event Manager to every Martial Arts school out there. The price you pay for the program is nothing compared to what you’ll gain.”

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Earl Brewer, Owner
Fairfax, Virginia

Earl’s website was clunky and hard to maintain. His event registration process was also costing hundreds of dollars to print.

“With Event Manager, I now have my camp registration process online and have hit a record high in registrations. And the Website Manager program couldn’t be easier to maintain.”

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Reaching Peak Efficiency with myVolo Software …


logo - warrior martial artsWARRIOR MARTIAL ARTS
Ken Marchtaler, Owner
Victoria, British Columbia

Ken was in search of one solution that would handle both billing and member management.

Member Solutions has done a phenomenal job … marrying their billing service and my studio’s own processing into one software. I don’t have to look at two systems. I use one — myVolo — to stay organized and keep the business running smoothly.”

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logo - giroux bros martial artsGIROUX BROS. MARTIAL ARTS
Steve Giroux, Owner
Newtonville, Massachusetts

School Owner, Steve Giroux, was spending too much time on admin work. He needed a way to automate time-consuming tasks so he could focus on teaching classes and growing his business.

myVolo software saves me at least 10 hours a week on the administrative side of running my business. This allows me to focus on more important and productive tasks such as improving my systems and filling the classroom with new and excited white belts.”

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Shane Nizzardo, Director of Operations
Stamford, Connecticut

Underground Fitness required a business management software that would scale with their business as it grew — and was flexible and easy enough to work with during a transition period.

Other software companies have approached me. They all come with a higher price tag and don’t provide nearly as much as myVolo does. myVolo has allowed us to go from a small Personal Training studio to a big-box gym without having to pay the big-box gym software price.”

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