How to Run a Holiday Special at Your Karate School

By Duane Brumitt

Karate Holiday Special

The holiday season is one of our biggest trial enrollment times, and it should be yours too if done right! In this article, I will give you the 25,000-foot view of our “Karate for Christmas” holiday special we do every year. Now, don’t get too excited … but we average 50-55 trials from this special every single year! And that’s just our average … Our biggest year ever was 79 paid trials!

Let me first explain our “Karate for Christmas” special. We offer two months of karate for $69, a free uniform, free belt testing, free orientation and free shipping of the uniform … Plus, they get a free $10 Target gift card if they purchase on or before November 30th. The package includes a certificate that lists everything that is included.


Holiday Special Advertising

We begin advertising the holiday special on November 1st and end it by December 15th to make sure the uniforms and certificates arrive before Christmas. That way, the parent has time to wrap them up and put them under the tree.

Our methods of advertising are as follows: one ad for 3-4 weeks in a weekly newspaper, radio ads (only in November), free Facebook posts on my personal and business page, paid Facebook ads, posters in local businesses that allow me to advertise with them, posters with certain hair stylist that I have worked out a deal with (they get $25 for each trial sign up), and one postcard mailed to any prospect that has not done a trial with us (prospects are from the June-October of the same year only).

The buyer is sent to our website to purchase the trial special and must pick a time for orientation day. We contact them within 24-48 hours of their purchase with a personal phone call to go over the order. We then mail the uniform, certificate and a welcome packet.

Holiday Special Gift

Holiday Special Pricing

We used to sell the “Karate for Christmas” trial for $50, (that was one of the years we sold 79 trials), but we found that when we raised the price to $69, fewer people bought the package, but a higher percentage converted to students. Not only that, a higher percentage of $69 trials stayed longer and converted into our upgrade programs as well. Needless to say, we are sticking with the $69 price point! That is, until we decide to test a higher price.


Make It Your Own!

Of course, there are more details to this process, such as the specifics of the ads for the newspaper, radio, Facebook, posters, postcards, the website where they purchase, the “Karate for Christmas” certificate, the welcome packet and how the mass orientation is run. These are things you’ll want to tailor to your school.

This holiday special can be a great opportunity for you to start the New Year off with a big BANG! By the way, you can use Event Manager to register all your new “Karate for Christmas” special. Get started today … and have a Happy Holiday and New Year!


Duane Brumitt is a 6th degree black belt, Martial Arts instructor and school owner, as well as a consultant and lecturer. He’s frequently asked to speak on a variety of topics, both in and out of the Martial Arts industry. His areas of expertise include: event management, marketing, social media, and website development.

Images courtesy of Pixabay.


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