“Hot for the Holidays” Bootcamp – Use It to Boost Member Visits & New Enrollments – Alan Belcher

By Member Solutions

g--marketing-blog-all_blog_images-blue_giftHi all. Alan Belcher here. I was asked by Joe Galea, President of Member Solutions, to share my Hot for the Holidays idea. It’s a simple concept you can easily implement in your business to increase member visits, enrollments and retention. Best of all, you’ll help your members stay in shape and make a charitable donation to those less fortunate during the Holiday season.

Here’s what I did:

I sent two e-mails out. Both e-mails were text-based, no images included to make it more personable.

E-mail #1

The first e-mail was used to raise awareness and posed a question to get some interaction. I started off the email with an attention-grabbing fact: “Are you aware that the averageHot for the Holidays American gains between 2-8 lbs. of body fat during the Holiday season?”

I then went on to say:

“If you’re like me, you want to enjoy the holidays but don’t want to gain a lot of weight. So something’s gotta give. But what?

More training, healthier recipes, what? What are you doing? Let me know.

Alan B.


P.S.:  I am working on a solution, watch for my email tomorrow.”

E-mail #2

The next day, I sent the e-mail below to the same list. This second e-mail provides the solution ― the Hot for the Holidays Bootcamp.

To: John Doe
From: Alan Belcher
Subject: RE: Solution to the holiday weight gain problem …


I got it. The problem is weight gain throughout the holidays right? And I guarantee the weight gain is not caused by eating a huge meal once on thanksgiving and once on christmas.

It’s all the leftovers and in between eating and lack of training and exercising.

What you and I both need for the holidays is a structured program and a personal coach that will keep you motivated through this time of year.

So I put together a bootcamp, using my best work outs, my best trainers, my best eating programs that include someone else”s best recipes.

Got your attention?

I’m calling it hot for the holidays. You know how everyone wants to get hot for the summer, well this is getting hot for the winter:)

This will be a 28 day camp, with before and after photos, meal plans, accountability, guaranteed results or your money back, the whole nine yards!

And for my members, that’s any of my mma or fitness programs, you can participate too. There will be a special meal plan for you along with before and after accountability.

You’re going to love the cost. Instead of the normal $197 for this 28 day bootcamp, all youmake a charitable donation will need to do is make a charitable contribution.

You just bring in some canned goods and you’re in. The can food drive will be for those who are in desperate need of our help this holiday season.

Let me know what you think!

Dedicated to your success,

Alan B


PS there will only be 25 new spots for this bootcamp!  To get in fast call us, 228-392-0034


That’s it. I just got back from the hospital (new baby boy, 9lbs 5 ounces) where I recently launched this e-mail campaign and filled up my camp of 25 in 2 days and added 10 more spots to only fill them in half a day!

It”s important to put a cap on the camp … shoot for a number you know you can fill. Nothing is worse than having a camp with 25 spots and only 5 show.

I did a 28-day camp. You still have time for a 21-day or 14-day. Either one will work great!  Your e-mail list and your community will love you for making such a charitable contribution.

Make sure you include how much the camp usually is, this will create urgency as well!

And last, converting these campers into regular fitness or Martial Arts clients. Make sure you take a minute to talk to each person individually … 2-4 days into the camp. Ask them how they like it and build some rapport. Ask them if they would like to continue getting results and maintain after the camp. Tell them that to hold their spot on your regular 6-12 month program all they have to do is the paperwork. Set them up on Member Solutions EFT or credit card. Their first payment should come out a few days after the camp ends.

Now teach some amazing classes and they will never quit. Good luck!

One more thing: I sent this to my prospects, not clients, and I targeted mostly women but you can do it for anyone you see fit. Even your members can participate. In my camp, everyone gets an eating plan and accountability. Accountability is what will set you apart from mega health clubs and other fitness programs. Make a roster with each campers’ number and e-mail, make them sign in each day. If they miss, call, text and e-mail them back in! They will love this! Also send them an inspirational message through text, e-mail or Facebook every single day.

I tell my campers 3 days min, 5 days maximum!

Alan Belcher is owner of Alan Belcher MMA Club in D’iberville, Mississippi.


Have a Holiday-related enrollment strategy you”d like to share? Comment below.