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8 Retention Strategies You Need to Grow Your Gym

By Member Solutions

The most successful gym and fitness business owners understand that gaining a new member is just the beginning. Over time, your members become much more valuable to your business the longer they stay at your gym. So what do you need to do to improve your member retention? You probably already know the answer … Continue reading


How to Increase Membership Sales with Lead Tracking

By Justin Bodamer

Lead tracking is an unsung hero of Martial Arts business management. While it may not sound glamorous, this one simple practice can make your sales team more efficient, your prospects more excited about your school and your members happier with their experience.

Start using a Martial Arts software solution, such as myVolo, to capture and track leads so you can take advantage of these benefits …

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5 Steps to Success for Your Martial Arts Business and You

By Bill Storm

Martial Arts Business SuccessDo you feel like you can never take time off, even for important family events? Do you spend countless hours trying to do it all because you’re afraid your staff just can’t do the job as well as you?

As entrepreneurs, many of us end up feeling trapped by our businesses. We spend every waking minute trying to market better, sell more and drive growth … and our personal lives suffer as a result.

So how do you get to that magical place where your Martial Arts business is stable and profitable AND you have the freedom to take some time for yourself?

To reach that next level, you’ll need a winning strategy, a great team and a mindset for success. Here are some steps to get you started:


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1 Easy Trick to Increase Your Gym Membership Sales

By Justin Bodamer

gym membership sales - salespeopleHow well do you really know your sales team?

How well do they handle telephone inquiries? How are they doing with their tours? Are their trials converting to new members?

If you answered any of these questions WITHOUT referencing a number or percentage, then you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to increase gym membership sales … Continue reading


5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Accelerate Membership Business Efficiency

By Justin Bodamer

Spring Cleaning SuppliesBecause it’s Spring, many of you are thinking of ways to cut clutter in your homes and businesses. For your Martial Arts or Fitness business, Spring cleaning involves more than just dusting off old filing cabinets – you need to make improvements to your organizational system that will benefit your business all year long.

Here are some quick tips for eliminating clutter and getting your business running efficiently: Continue reading

12 Ways to Instantly Increase Event Sign Ups [SlideShare]

By Member Solutions

“If you build it, they will come.”

May work in Field of Dreams, but won’t work for your events. Just because you put a program or event together does not guarantee people will show. You have to promote your event in order for people to know about it and attend.

How to Increase Event Sign Ups in No Time

Fortunately, there are specific event marketing techniques to use that will help increase your event attendance. Take a look at these 12 ways to accelerate event sign ups, then share the tips with your friends.

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How the Mom’s Club Saved My Women’s Fitness Program

By Bill Wakefield

Only a handful of women had shown for hand-weightsour mid-day Fitness class. And that one class wasn’t the only one struggling. My entire Women’s Fitness program was slowing down. I needed to bring it back to life … enroll new Fitness members … but how? With 54 Martial Arts schools within a six-mile radius of my club and nearby 24/7 gyms promoting “no contract” memberships as low as $7.50 a week, I knew external marketing wasn’t the answer. It would be like throwing money out the door to compete to bring in new members. The solution: I started working with what I already had … the mothers of students who need to get fit and want to have fun. It struck me most when I looked at my numbers. I have over 200 students under the age of 7 years … that means I have A LOT of mothers of students that may be looking to get fit. And so began the “Mom’s Club” … Continue reading


3 Things You Should Always Do to Protect Your Fitness Business

By Andrew Kasmen, Esq.

What if the majority of your staff left and opened up a competing business right around the corner? Or … tomorrow you found out you’re being sued by a student or instructor who was injured during class?

In order to achieve success, you must not only increase revenue, but also maintain and protect your fitness business to support what you’ve worked hard to build.

In this article, I’ll cover three important areas to face head on in order to protect your business and personal assets — and ensure continued business success.

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4 Events That Drive Community Involvement & New Member Enrollments

By Peter Trikilas

It doesn’t matter what kind of Martial Arts studio or Fitness business you run … the goal is the same: to grow in both size and reputation.

Networking within your community is a great way to attract new members and build your business. Community involvement is key in creating a positive image.

One of the easiest ways to reach out to your community is to find out where your members are involved within the community. Maybe they are a member of a Parent Teacher Association or part of a local business networking organization. Having the right contacts makes it a lot easier to get your foot in the door.

Participating in events is also extremely effective in getting the word out about your business.

Here are four events that I recommend. Continue reading

Membership Selling: Changing Behavior to Sell More – Andy Gole

By Andy Gole

Sell DiceMany business owners subscribe to the maxim: “Selling isn’t rocket science, is it? After all, everyone sells!

This view is supported by evidence that businesses grow and thrive without sales training or a formal sales process. Proper implementation of the right product, service, and market strategy are the key drivers of business success.

Thus, if everyone does sells … if selling is practically a natural skill, how important can sales training be? It might be a “nice to have”, but certainly in challenging markets, when every dollar counts, sales training isn’t a “must-have”, is it?

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