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describe the imageSometimes you need a little advice to get your business going and growing to the next level, or some solid feedback on an idea you want to try. As a Member Solutions client, you have the unique opportunity of having a knowledgeable team right by your side for ongoing guidance.

The Member Solutions Business Advisory Team is comprised of successful business owners and sought-after business consultants. Their broad range of expertise keeps you ahead of the competition. Each team member is committed to providing continual advice and insight to help our clients achieve success.

They provide written content on the Member Solutions Business Building blog, host monthly educational webinars and conduct confidential one-on-one consultations.

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Shihan Allie Alberigo is a Martial Arts Instructor, business owner, and an industry consultant with over 44 years of Martial Arts experience. Allie is also the Founder of the industry’s first step-by-step approach to consulting, Taking It To The Next Level. His areas of expertise include: business expansion, retail sales, event management, business systems development.

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John Bussard is CEO of nine (soon to be 11) highly-successful Kicks Karate locations in suburban Maryland. Kicks Karate services almost 4,000 active students. John’s largest individual location consistently ranks #1 on the Member Solutions’ President’s Club listing for gross billings. His areas of expertise include: business systems development, marketing, retention strategies, business expansion.

Alexandria Buzzell has been involved in the Martial Arts since she was a teenager and it’s still her main passion. She continues to train and improve her skills. After running a facility for many years, she opened her school in 2008 — in a rural farming community with less than 10,000 people. The first couple years were a major challenge, but utilizing her creative marketing techniques and developing social media skills has help her grow that location to 350+ members. She opened her second location in March of 2014. It has already grown to 100 members in just 90 days. Her areas of expertise include: marketing, social media, business development, strategic planning.

describe the imageDave Kovar is an internationally renowned instructor with black belt degrees in ten different Martial Arts styles. He is the Founder and Chief Training Officer of Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts, a chain of schools in California and New Jersey founded in 1978. Dave is recognized as a “Trainer of Trainers” and people from around the world routinely visit his facilities to learn his instructional techniques. The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) has retained Dave and his Academy to provide monthly training videos to industry participants, as well as articles in its monthly magazine. His areas of expertise include: member retention, enrollment strategies, referral systems, staff development.

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Master Tommy Lee is the owner of East Coast Martial Arts, and CEO of Step-by-Step Consulting, a complete sales training program that offers private coaching and MasterMind Success Camps. His areas of expertise include: lead and income generation, sales and upgrades, marketing, member retention.

Duane Brumitt is an enthusiastic, high energy person. He is articulate, enthusiastic, and has a knack for simplifying his concepts. Duane is a 6th degree black belt, consultant, and lecturer. He is frequently called upon to speak on a variety of topics, both in and out of the Martial Arts industry. Today, Duane spends his time teaching his staff, students, and helping other Martial Arts school owners achieve the lifestyle they want from their own schools. His areas of expertise include: event management, marketing, social media, website development.

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David Chang and his wife Liz run Wushu Central. He was formerly a Wushu style competitor. They began their school ten years ago leasing a 2,400 sq. ft. space. After 5 years, they had sufficient success and capital that we were able to purchase a $3.5 million building to house our growing school. Now, their school has 570 students and they’ve have just opened a 2nd school with 40 students and growing daily. They will continue expanding in the future. His areas of expertise include: staff management, business systems, enrollment strategies.

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Jeff Dousharm began his Martial Arts training over 22 years ago with Senior Grand Master Bert Kollars, one of the founders of Tiger Rock Martial Arts International. He’s a 7th Degree Black Belt and a certified instructor in different programs ranging from Taekwondo to CDT. He currently operates seven Tiger Rock Academies in Nebraska and Florida, Jeff also owns several companies outside of the Martial Arts field including: Tomorrow’s Online Marketing (websites, SEO and online marketing), Paradigm Impact Group (speakers, professional development and business consulting), J. Victorian Development (commercial properties), Point Blank Tactical Safety and Firearms Training, and a few other startup companies being launched in 2012. His areas of expertise include: business development, business expansion, business planning.

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Steve Giroux has been training in the Martial Arts for 29 years and is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Chun Kuk Do. In 1999, he graduated from Bentley College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy with a minor concentration in Law. After founding his studio in January of 1999, Steve has successfully grown revenues over the years after starting at only $7,000 in his first year. His areas of expertise include: member retention, enrollment strategies, event planning, business development.

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Chuck Heacock is in charge of all Marketing and New Sales for Krav Maga Worldwide and has lead up the original licensing program team, which has grown to over 240 schools throughout the world. Today you will find Chuck growing the Fitness Compound, his newest adventure, as well as consulting and expanding the leaders in the industry like, Monster Fitness, 360 Combat clubs, Monkey Bar Gym, Bas Rutten MMA System, American Fight League, Mike Chat’s XMA, Mass Training Systems … just to name a few. In addition, he owns, common sense marking for the small business ready to transform into a big business. His areas of expertise include: membership selling, lead and income generation, event management, business expansion.

Brett Lechtenberg is Utah’s foremost expert on personal and family safety. Dubbed Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert, Brett has dedicated his life to educating people about personal security and self-protection. Brett’s new, big projects are his 5-part video and audio series on anti-bullying for parents and children. His areas of expertise include: motivational speaking, marketing.

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Ken Marchtaler was born in Vancouver, Canada and has studied and taught Martial Arts for 20+ years. He holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate and is ranked in a number of other Martial Arts as well. He has two Gold Medals from the 2005 World Martial Games in Rosenheim, Germany, and a number of lifetime achievement awards. His company, Marchtaler Group, operates Warrior Martial Arts studio in Victoria, BC Canada, as well as number of programs and initiatives including the Little Warriors®, 30 Minute Warriors® and the concept of Martial Wellness®. His areas of expertise include: business development.

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Korbett Miller has been a professional Martial Arts instructor since 1993. After graduating from College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sienna Heights College in Michigan, he was recruited to grow and teach at his high profile instructor’s school in Seattle Washington. Korbett has long believed that a small more profitable school is the best model for people who enjoy training in the Martial Arts and teaching as a profession. Korbett still actively trains and competes in the Martial Arts, winning the Brown Belt Senior II World Championships in 2012, as well as receiving his Jiu Jitsu Black Belt from Saulo and Xande Ribeiro. His areas of expertise include: business development, enrollment strategies.

AdvisoryTeam_Polaroid_MikePaceMichael Pace started his Martial Arts training in 1967. In 1994 he earned the title of Shihan as he continued to promote and develop excellent instructors. Today, there are four Pace Institute of Karate dojos — three that are run by his black belt students. Shihan Pace continues to teach karate and his own brand of self defense, which he has developed over the last 47 years. He has also developed a successful leadership program in his school, which has added greatly to the value and enabled him to increase his average tuition by $60 per month to $227. In the process of creating his leadership program, he wrote a leadership training manual that is designed to be implemented at any school.  His areas of expertise include: staff development, leadership team training.

Greg SilvaGreg Silva began his Martial Arts training in Connecticut in 1966. Soon after graduating, he opened his own school, Farmington Kenpo Karate, soon to become East West Karate. Currently, he has 6 and almost 2,000 active students training in Connecticut.  Mr. Silva is a 7th degree Black Belt and trained with Sr. Grand Master Ed Parker. He also worked with a child psychologist, studying and learning strategies of children and made some drastic changes in the way Martial Arts was presented to children. Mr. Silva is the founder of United Professionals, has spoken at the SuperShow, Members Solutions events, authored “The Silva Solution”, conducted training and business seminars internationally, developed Premier Martial Arts with Barry Van Over and then Cornerman coaching and mentoring with Bill Storm. His areas of expertise include: business development, leadership training.

BillStorm_PolaroidBill Storm is the Vice President of United Professionals and the head coach for Cornerman One on One Coaching. Bill started his Martial Arts training in 1979 at the age of 9. Currently, he has his black belt in two disciplines and is training to do the same in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mr. Storm started his Martial Arts career in 1989 as a Program Director in Upstate NY. He is known for his integrity-driven approach to marketing and solution-oriented thinking. Bill is also an authorized trainer of the “I Can Program” developed by the late Zig Ziglar. Mr. Storm’s Cornerman Team includes Grandmaster Greg Silva, Master Paul Garcia, Shihan Craig Haley, Master Doug Bertrand and Master Steve Butts — each of which own and operate successful businesses while continuing to train and grow as Martial Artists. His areas of expertise include: business development, enrollment strategies and retention strategies.

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Greg Tearney has been training in the Martial Arts since 1957 and teaching since 1965 in Syracuse N.Y. He opened his first dojo in 1969. He has over 55 years under his three 10th Degree Black Belt rankings. Considered a pioneer in American Martial Arts, Grandmaster Tearney is a Hall of Fame instructor with a wealth of knowledge in business and the techniques for managing and marketing a Martial Arts school. He and his wife, 8th Degree Black Belt, Judy Modafferi-Tearney, teach over 400 students in their 7200 sq. ft. state of the art dojo in Camillus N.Y. Grandmaster Tearney is a MAIA Wealth and Elite member, past Senior EFC Board of Director member and founder of The International Master Instructors Association. His areas of expertise include: school management, marketing.

PTrikilasMaster Peter Trikilas is the Owner and Chief Instructor at Master Peter’s Academy of Martial Arts (MPAMA) in Dayton, New Jersey. He has been training in the Martial Arts since 1985 and opened his school, MPAMA, in 2011 — which has over 500 students to date. Master Peter is also a member of the Member Solutions Business Advisory Team. His areas of expertise include: enrollment strategies, event planning, customer service.


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Shihan Bill Wakefield is the owner and chief instructor of Combined Martial Arts Academy in Australia. He has over 35 years of experience and has traveled and trained with some of the best Martial Artists in the world. He has an extensive network of contacts within the Martial Arts both in Australia and internationally. His areas of expertise include: business systems development, retention strategies, motivational speaking, marketing.

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