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Keep Your Camp Leads Warm in Winter

By Member Solutions

Budget-Friendly Marketing Techniques to Increase Registration

A good marketing strategy doesn’t hibernate even when your high season is months away. Whether your camp’s operation is small or large, you can build digital hype without experiencing sticker shock during your expense reports.


Universal Best Practices

Every effective strategy recognizes the unique purpose of each marketing channel. For example, how you communicate with your email subscribers should be different than how you post to your camp’s Facebook pageFactors such as who uses each medium, how your audience uses the medium, and the desired communication frequency needs to influence how you plan. Your combined chosen channels should create a cohesive, branded message to your intended audiences.

It’s all about the experience. Especially for summer camps. Going to camp is something that can impact someone for a lifetime. Aim to have your marketing do the same. Think about how you want to excite new campers and how you want returning campers to remember you during the rest of the year. Small details such as high-quality images impact how parents, and campers and prospects view you.

Establish your brand through standout storytelling. No matter how many ways you choose to advertise, your camp needs a unique narrative to compete against the plethora of other summer break activities. Great branding sprouts from a core understanding of your organization and the confidence to boldly know what you offer. If you haven’t thought about it, what makes your camp awesome? Is it the location? The staff? The abundant variety of activities? Accentuate the best of what your organization does.

Your Camp’s Creative Toolbox

Email Marketing: Nurture newcomers and favorite frequenters.

If you don’t already use an email marketing platform like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, you easily can find a free or low-cost option that fits your needs. Segmentation—the technique of separating contacts of varying criteria into lists—is an excellent way to reuse templates and tailor your messaging. Skip long blocks of paragraphed information for concise, engaging copy that gives readers a clear next step after interacting with your email. If you have a subscription list, nurture your current subscribers with exclusive deals or content.

Social Media Madness: It doesn’t have to feel crazy.

The pure quantity of social media websites is enough to give any marketing manager a headache. Investing your time in managing all your accounts may seem like a wasteful use of your time, but a strong online presence facilitates the most effective marketing tool of all: word-of-mouth referrals. Knowing the differences between major social sites or apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest) helps to decide what content should be shared where. Learning how to use hashtags is especially important for Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media Infographic
The statistical differences between social media.

Before signing up for all the accounts you can get in your URL, truly evaluate your needs as an organization. If accounts go neglected, there is no point in having them. Writing a social media strategy appropriate for the scope of your services and the size of your staff is crucial. It’s better to have one or two highly active accounts than several sparsely populated ones. Social media success relies on conversations with the audiences you want to engage. Don’t know where to start? Explore the use of personas. (If you need examples, you can start here.)

Use Time to Your Advantage

When you plan ahead, you’re able to analyze your resources better to delegate more efficiently where your finances should go. Time is truly your most important asset when combined with a detailed content strategy. Campaigns are like seeds in a garden; you have to plan out the space they need to take root and grow to reap results.

8 Creative New Year Marketing Ideas for Your Fitness Business

By Member Solutions

New Year Fitness Marketing

On January 1st, your business will see an influx of prospective members who’ve made resolutions to live fitter, healthier lives. But how do you make sure they choose your business over your competitor?

Whether you’re looking for a new marketing tactic to try this New Year, or you want to improve upon what you did last year, this list will help you hone your marketing during this crucial season for your fitness business. Continue reading

8 Retention Strategies You Need to Grow Your Gym

By Member Solutions

The most successful gym and fitness business owners understand that gaining a new member is just the beginning. Over time, your members become much more valuable to your business the longer they stay at your gym. So what do you need to do to improve your member retention? You probably already know the answer … Continue reading


Why Your Gym Needs a Mobile App

By Member Solutions


With all the other technology and marketing you invest in for your gym, you’re probably wondering, why does my fitness business need a mobile app? Let’s start with the facts …

  • In 2015, Americans spent an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices. (Source: Flurry Analytics Blog)
  • 87% of Millennials say that their smart phone never leaves their side. (Source: Zogby Analytics)

Based on these statistics, most people spend way more time in mobile apps on their phones than they do in any gym. But with your own mobile app, you’ll be able to interact and create a stronger bond with your members, helping you increase loyalty and retention.  Continue reading

8 Ways to Maximize Profits Through Retention

By Member Solutions


Acquiring a new customer costs between 4 and 10 times more than it does to keep an existing one. This means that, in order to reach peak profitability, you need to maximize your customer lifetime value – the total profit your business makes from a given customer.

To increase customer lifetime value, you’ll need to use tactics that boost satisfaction and loyalty, improve your retention rate and encourage repeat purchases. Continue reading


Cyberbullying Infographic for Parents of Martial Arts Students

By Member Solutions

person-woman-apple-iphone-largeFor years, the Martial Arts community has been a major supporter National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, which takes place in October. Many Martial Artists  are publicly recognized as authorities on bullying prevention techniques, self-defense and personal safety.

Recently, bullying has entered a new frontier – the internet. With the rise of cyberbullying, Martial Arts school owners are working to bring awareness to this serious issue and its devastating consequences.

To help with this goal, Member Solutions developed an infographic to help educate parents about the dangers of cyberbullying. Readers will learn facts, warning signs and tips for how to handle cyberbullying.

Download Cyberbullying Infographic

Continue reading


How to Give the Perfect Gym Tour in 4 Steps

By Member Solutions

The biggest mistake you can make on your gym tour is spending too much time talking about how amazing your facility is … and too little on how your gym meets the needs of your prospect.

It’s natural to want to tell everyone all the great things about your gym. Unfortunately, this isn’t what prospects are looking for. They don’t really care how fast your treadmills go, how many dumbbells you have or that your dressing room was recently repainted. All they care about is having the tools and support they need to reach their goals.

Gym Tour

Continue reading


5 Fitness Trends Gym Owners Need to Know for Fall 2016

By Member Solutions

What’s hot right now in the workout world can have a huge impact on your fitness business. When people visit your gym, they’ll be looking for the next big thing … Make sure you’re ready for them! Tap in to these fitness trends to attract new members and ensure your customers are loving your latest, greatest workout. Continue reading


Tools to Grow Your Martial Arts School During Back to School Season

By Member Solutions

back-to-school-413848_960_720How you prepare for Back to School season can dictate the success of your Martial Arts business for the entire year.

For the best results, you need  solid marketing strategies AND the tools and technology to carry out those strategies. The right tools will make your Back to School marketing more effective, your events more profitable and your operations more efficient.

Take a look at our top picks for Back to School tips and tools. Each tip is paired with a list of tools that will help you grow your school. Continue reading


Summer Success Strategies Proven to Help Your Martial Arts Business Thrive

By Member Solutions

Summer Martial Arts KickFor Martial Arts businesses, the Summer months are filled with risk and uncertainty. What if attendance drops? What if students don’t find my classes “fun” in comparison to other Summer activities? What if students take the Summer off … and don’t come back at all?

To survive the Summer, you need to keep attendance up, keep students engaged and prevent those dreaded dropouts… but how?

We asked Dave Kovar and Steve Giroux two highly successful Martial Arts school owners – to tell us how they tackle these challenges and keep their businesses thriving through the Summer.

Here’s what they had to say … Continue reading