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15 Email Templates to Boost Fitness Sales

By Erik Charles Russell


Email follow-up is crucial to the sales process. The right follow-up will increase your membership sales … but the wrong follow-up might mean you lose out to a competitor.

That’s why it’s so important to follow best practices to make sure your emails are driving appointments and sales to your business. To improve your results, use the tips below, along with these 15 email templates which are proven to help you convert more leads to members.

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15 Martial Arts Email Templates To Turn Your Prospects into Sales

By Erik Charles Russell

Email Templatest
Email is critical to the sales follow-up process and can help you book more appointments and increase your membership sales. However, writing effective emails can be time-consuming …

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Sales Scripts to Improve Your Martial Arts Membership Selling Skills

By Erik Charles Russell

Sales Scripts for Membership SellingIn my last post, I covered how you should respond when a prospective Martial Arts school member insists on getting a price from you over the phone.

The truth is, price is just one of the objections you’ll face during membership selling. In order to turn a hesitant prospect into a long-term member, you need to address each and every one of their concerns. Specifically, most prospects will push back on the same four things – location, schedule/time, motivation/commitment and their significant other.

The good news is there’s an easy, fool-proof way to eliminate each of these four objections. To learn how, all you and your staff need to do is practice these simple sales scripts … Continue reading


What Do I Do When a Prospective Member Insists on Getting a Price from Me? [VIDEO]

By Erik Charles Russell

You’re on the phone with a prospect interested in joining your Martial Arts school or Fitness club. You excitedly describe your classes, facility, and staff, looking forward to the moment when you can invite them in for a visit.

Suddenly, they interrupt to ask the question you dread … They insist on knowing your price. You swallow hard, nervous that as soon as they hear your number, the conversation will be over.

But, there’s no need to panic. There is an easy, effective way to handle this scenario that every owner and staff member should know. That’s why I created this video to help you address this difficult question and keep the conversation on track. Continue reading