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Email follow-up is crucial to the sales process. The right follow-up will increase your membership sales, but the wrong follow-up might mean you lose out to a competitor.

That's why it's so important to follow best practices to make sure your emails are driving appointments and sales to your business. To improve your results, use the tips below, along with these 15 email templates which are proven to help you convert more leads to members.

6 Best Practices for Email Follow-Up

1. Respond Fast! People are 3X more likely to schedule a visit if you respond to their inquiry within 10-20 minutes (Source: Velocify). Use your fitness software to automate follow-up so you never miss a lead!

2. Get Their Attention: The subject lines in these email templates are designed to catch the person's eye and speak directly to their needs.

3. Personalize It:  You emails shouldn't be about you; they should be about your prospects. Tell them how your services will help them meet their goals.

4. Show Proof: Share testimonials from happy customers as proof of the results your prospect can achieve. These email templates include places for you to add quotes from your customers.

5. Tell Them What to Do Next: Your emails need to include a clear call to action, which makes it easy for your prospect to take the next step.

6. Don't Give Up! Sending 4-6 emails is optimal when trying to get a response from a prospect (Source: Velocify). Create an “email flow” in your fitness software to automatically send a series of emails.

Start converting more prospects into members today with these tips and email templates.

Download Email Templates

About the author: Erik Charles Russell has been in the Martial Arts and Fitness industry more than 25 years. He owns Premier Martial Arts and Fitness in Watertown, NY. In 2015, he published a book based on his successes called “The Art of Selling Memberships.” The book became an international best seller — hitting number one in three categories in the U.S., Australia, and Germany on