Blog to Book: Your Digital Marketing Kata

By Jason Brick

blog puzzleThe hard truth is you need to establish authority and community online for your digital marketing to succeed. The harder truth is that most dojo owners know a whole lot about kicking, punching, patience, meditation, teaching, Fitness and ethics … and next to nothing about establishing authority and community.

What follows is a system for building both authority and community online using a single tool with widespread power and impact. Think of it like a kata. You learn it. You practice it. Things get better and easier as you master the skills involved.

This particular kata is called Blog to Book. The short version works like this:  Continue reading


Take These Steps to Stick to Your Business Resolutions

By Bill Storm

goals1It’s a new year and you’ve got new business goals to accomplish. Maybe you want to increase your memberships by a certain percentage, or add a new class to your schedule.

Whatever the goal – and the steps you’ve outlined to achieve them – you never want to confuse being active or busy with accomplishment.

It’s very easy to “major in minor things”. Many people do so. They are busy all day long performing tasks that have no real value … tasks that don’t get them any closer to the goals they have set for themselves. They procrastinate and put off doing the things that will really make a difference because they know they will be difficult. Don’t let this be you!  Continue reading


11 Ways Your Martial Arts School Can Benefit from Kung Fu Panda 3 (or Any Popular Movie)

By Shihan Allie Alberigo

movie reelFive years ago, I wrote an article about the sequel to Kung Fu Panda – encouraging Martial Arts schools to run promotions that connect with the movie to re-energize business and generate interest in the Martial Arts.

Now here we are … Kung Fu Panda 3 is almost here and releasing at the end of this month: Friday, January 29, 2016.

At the time of the release of Kung Fu Panda 2, I had just returned from a speaking engagement in England and throughout the U.K. Everyone had such high hopes for this movie! Yes, Kung Fu Panda 2 helped some schools grow. Other schools were a bit disappointed. I’m not saying that one school did it right, the other wrong. What I’m saying is that it’s important to take a few things into account when riding the waves of promotional events wrapped around this type of movie release. Continue reading


Member Solutions Business Building Blog: 5 Most Popular Posts of 2015

By Kristen Campbell

Top 5Looking for quick, easy tips that’ll positively impact your business numbers – all the way from sales to retention? … Wish to keep your business buzzing each and every month – no matter the time of year? … Check out our top five blog posts of 2015.

Each post is packed with tips that are easy to implement and proven to make a meaningful difference.

Give them a read, then let us know which is your favorite by commenting below.  Continue reading


Do These 5 Things for Your Business BEFORE Ringing in the New Year

By Chuck Heacock

business_plan_imageEvery year, I get asked the same question: “What can I do to get ready for January?”

My answer is: It’s not January you should be thinking about. You should be thinking about how successful the entire year will be.

So, if you’re taking the time to read this, and preparing for January, keep your calendar out a bit longer and map out the year.

The start to a successful plan is the first step. Here are a few things that I hope will help you take that first step to a very successful 2016:
jjj Continue reading


From the Advisory Team: Their Best Holiday Success Tips

By Member Solutions

The Holidays are here — and retail sales are on the rise. Are your new student enrollment and retention numbers trending upwards too?

We asked the Member Solutions Advisory Team to share what they do to attract new members and strengthen retention during the busy Holiday season. Here’s what they had to say …  Continue reading


1 Simple Technique to Improving Member Sign-Ups, Retention, Upgrades, Pro-Shop Sales & Event Attendance

By Alexandria Buzzell

facebook groupsIn case you missed it, Facebook has become a major part of running a Martial Arts school — enabling you to build your brand, increase community engagement, and get the word out about your business through targeted ads.

One of the most effective ways to build your school is through student groups created on Facebook.

The value of a student group is incredible! Through these groups, you’re able to: increase sign-ups, strengthen retention, facilitate upgrades, increase pro-shop sales, improve event attendance and increase business page engagement.

Cleary these are all important aspects of running your Martial Arts school. Learning the basic techniques will allow you to take full advantage of this valuable resource.  Continue reading


How to Turn Martial Arts Mat Chats into Anti-Bullying Educational Opportunities

By Peter Trikilas

Martial Arts studios, dance schools and day cares look forward to the back to school season more so than any other time of year. It’s one of the most important times for our businesses.

Yet for millions of children worldwide, returning to school is simply terrifying.

A few months back, I read an article on Yahoo about how the number of teenage and adolescent suicides spike at the end of August and beginning of September. It’s no coincidence that this is when all students go back to school. Students return to an environment where being socially accepted can literally mean life or death.

As business owners and professionals, we have a responsibility to make sure we mentally, physically and emotionally prepare our students for hardships. Although October is National Bullying Prevention Month, it’s important to prepare our students year-round, so that they may be better equipped to face challenges.

In this article, I’ll cover four different types of bullying and how to address bullying through mat chats held during Martial Arts classes.  Continue reading

Selling Insights: How Do You Prove Your Case to the Skeptical Prospect?

By Andy Gole

The Tale of the Sunny Day Used Car

Did you ever buy a used car? If so, do you remember what the weather was like that day?

Over 20 years ago, I bought a used VW Squareback for $900 on a beautiful sunny day. It was a great car; it met my budget and did what I needed: 25 miles per gallon, 4 doors, hand crank moon roof, 30,000 miles on the odometer. There was only one problem: I bought the car on a sunny day.

Several months later, I was driving the sunny day used car in the hills of Binghamton. It was not a sunny day; the rain was pouring from the sky, pounding on the roof of the car. It was raining outside the car, and as you may have guessed by now, it was raining inside the car as well.

I had made this classic mistake: I bought an old used car on a sunny day.

The car had rust and sheet metal perforations in the body, which weren’t obvious till it poured “cats and dogs”.

Imagine how I felt that day – 3 inches of water in the driver’s well; I was cold, wet, uncomfortable. I felt stupid.

This experience was so searing, it led to the family proverb: “Never buy a used car on a sunny day.”

Now, I know that you have never done anything as foolish as buying a sunny day used car. But all of your prospects and clients have done so; they have bought their own version of a sunny day used car. As a result, they are very skeptical when we sell to them; in fact, they don’t believe what we say.

So buyers hesitate in making commitment. They are concerned about being defrauded again. This makes it necessary for us to have a strong program to substantiate our points in a sales call.

We need to be “loaded for bear” with press releases, articles, testimonial letters, case histories, before and after pictures, etc. And we need to prove early in the sales process. When prospects listen to our statements, they classify them as either facts or opinions. Opinions they can safely ignore. We need our statements to be taken as facts; facts on which the prospect will act.

This much may be fairly straightforward. What isn’t obvious is how such skepticism will affect their openness with salespeople. Prospects may wind up saying things we want to hear, at the moment, but which are not necessarily related to closing a sale.

Salespeople may be skeptical as buyers (say, when you buy a car). But are you as skeptical when you persuade? Do you make it a point to test a prospect’s answers, as you may test a new car or computer? This is crucial to achieving sales success. You need to be a skeptic. Many salespeople fail because they don’t test the information provided by a prospect.

The best evidence is to watch what a prospect does, not what the prospect says
. Look for evidence that the prospect is engaged in “getting to know you.” Examples could include: visiting your facility, checking references, introducing you to other team members.

Otherwise, you might just wind up “buying” a sunny day used car.

Andy Gole has taught selling skills for 17 years. He started three businesses and has made approximately 4,000 sales calls, selling both B2B and B2C. He invented a selling process, Urgency Based Selling®, with which he can typically help companies double their closing or conversion ratio.


The 3 Ps, Bullying Prevention & YOU: Going Beyond the Public School Classroom

By Korbett Miller

g--marketing-blog-all_blog_images-optimized_images_forblogposts-child_bully-resized-600It was like an episode from the old Batman series “Boom! … Pow! … Crack!”.

There I was, just a young boy, minding my own business, standing out in front of Christiancy Elementary in Michigan, when this young guy named Allen (who happened to be a grade below me), said “I heard what you said about my mother!”, and then proceeded to give me one of the worst beatings of my life.

What’s amazing is that this happened several times more, even after I approached my teacher.

Continue reading