This Year’s Impactful Takeaway at the 2015 Martial Arts SuperShow

By Joe Galea

I’ve been fortunate to be part of this great industry for the past 28 years and to have attended many industry events. This year was my 13th straight Martial Arts SuperShow.

I look forward to spending time with our clients and friends at SuperShow, some of which have been clients since the 1990s.

The show is also a great time to reminisce and reflect. I’ve seen so many people realize their dreams, having come to us just starting their businesses or with a handful of students … to now having hundreds.

msi_booth6_featheredThe industry has evolved dramatically too. The Martial Arts SuperShow reflects these changes and trends within their seminars, vendors and opening ceremony. And of course attending these events reminds me of how Member Solutions has evolved.

This year’s conference was especially meaningful because we unveiled our new and improved member management software, myVolo, alongside our popular online registration tool, Event Manager, and billing and servicing programs. For the past year, our team of developers worked tirelessly with our clients to learn exactly what they need in a software product, and we brought that to life through the development of myVolo software.

What’s great is that our product line, and service that so many in the industry rely on, is contributing to the growth of thousands of Martial Arts businesses.

So beyond all the reflecting and reminiscing, what was my big takeaway?

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3 Ways to Build Your Business from Within Using myVolo Software

By Justin Bodamer

Igraph_pixabayn my last blog post, we talked about tracking your statistics as a way to get a strong handle on your business growth. You’ve used those stats to optimize your enrollment process. Classes are filling up. Everything’s going great.

But where do you go from here? How do you maximize your internal business potential and sustain long-term value?

Fortunately, your business can be earning money well before you turn the key in the morning and long after you close the shutters at night through the online member portal that’s part of myVolo software.

With the portal, your member base has the ability to engage with your business when you’re not even there.

Giving your members this kind of interactive control and convenience leads to higher engagement, which ultimately translates to rock-solid retention.

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I. Am. Iron Man. … The Trick to Giving Your Business Superhero Powers

By Kristen Campbell

Without technology, Tony Stark is just another business owner. With it, he is Iron Man.

iron manDespite his extraordinary skills, he still needed Pepper Potts to help keep him organized and on schedule in his day-to-day business affairs.

Similar to Tony, business owners shouldn’t go it alone. Smart technology, and the right people by your side, will allow you to accomplish much more with less effort.

Are you ready to unleash the superhero in your business? Then take a good look at our new Martial Arts and Fitness software: myVolo.

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Help! How Can I Prevent Severe Member Attrition This Summer?

By Korbett Miller

Summer’s coming and I’m worried. A lot of our students, both children and adult students, took extended vacations last year and then never came back.

Any advice you can give? Ways I could be proactive … increase my chances that students will take part in training during the Summer and return after vacation?

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Using Event Manager Software & Instapage to Double Profits

By Brett Lechtenberg

Right now, other Martial Arts businesses are vying for the attention of your next new student.

That means your business needs to find better, more creative ways to market, stand out and provide value.

It’s vital you present your business in the best light possible … use the most up-to-date, productive marketing tools available.

It’s also just as imperative to take advantage of tools that allow you to sell products and services online 24/7 — to meet the ever-changing, busy schedules of potential clients.

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How to Increase Your Gross Sales NOW

By CJ Kirk

The 27th of March was a good news day for me. One of my General Managers called to inform me that my two Krav Maga schools were ranked #1 and #2 in the Member Solutions President’s Club based on total monthly gross billing totals. While I charge all of my enrollment fees, first month’s dues, and retail through a POS system, my two Krav Maga schools had still managed to climb the Member Solutions President’s Club rankings.

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3 Best Practices That Will Transform Your Student Retention Today

By Bill Wakefield

Keeping students long-term can be compared to nurturing a romantic relationship. Just like a marriage requires communication, appreciation, encouragement, fun, support through challenging times, and praise when goals are achieved, so do your students at your Martial Arts school.

According to Bill Clark, president of the ATA, it is okay to lose 5 – 8% of your student data base a month. This does not mean that you have to let this happen.

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The Essential Event Pick List for Martial Arts & Fitness Businesses [Infographic]

By Member Solutions

Running an event is arguably one of the best things you can do for your Martial Arts or Fitness business. Doing so provides not one … not two … but THREE great benefits.

1) New leads
2) Solid retention
3) Supplemental revenue (if you choose to charge for your events)

Knowing WHY you should run events, use this infographic to determine WHAT events to hold and HOW to effectively promote them …

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Help! What Steps Should I Take to Add Extended Child Care to My Summer Camp?

By David Chang

We run a Summer camp that’s held from 8 am to 3 pm. We’re considering offering extended care from 3 pm to 6 pm. What issues do I need to consider when setting up this option?

smiling_kids-resized-600David Chang’s Answer on Adding Extended Child Care to Summer Camps:

Offering extended care for your Summer campers is an excellent idea. Not only can it provide an additional stream of revenue, more importantly, it can make the difference between whether or not a parent signs up for your camp!

For many working parents, picking their child up at 3 pm is not an option. You need to be capable of watching their child until the parent gets off work, or they will find another camp that can.

Here are four steps to get started …

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