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How the Mom's Club Saved My Women's Fitness Program

By Bill Wakefield

Only a handful of women had shown for hand-weightsour mid-day Fitness class. And that one class wasn't the only one struggling. My entire Women's Fitness program was slowing down. I needed to bring it back to life ... enroll new Fitness members ... but how? With 54 Martial Arts schools within a six-mile radius of my club and nearby 24/7 gyms promoting "no contract" memberships as low as $7.50 a week, I knew external marketing wasn't the answer. It would be like throwing money out the door to compete to bring in new members. The solution: I started working with what I already had … the mothers of students who need to get fit and want to have fun. It struck me most when I looked at my numbers. I have over 200 students under the age of 7 years … that means I have A LOT of mothers of students that may be looking to get fit. And so began the “Mom’s Club” … Continue reading

6 Tips to Grow your Fitness Business with Reciprocal Relationships

By myVolo Software

There are many opportunities to grow your fitness business outside the typical client referral. How many times have you approached the counter of a local grocery store, pharmacy, or coffee shop, that has stacks of coupons and flyers promoting other local businesses?

The goal is to develop an effective reciprocal relationship with other businesses. By partnering with other businesses, you can grow your referral pool and memberships, while helping local businesses grow their own sales. Here are six quick tips to help you get started:

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