Event Manager and the History of Software [Infographic]

By Member Solutions

It’s hard to imagine life without computers or software, yet there was a time without them. Thanks to Capterra‘s History of Software Infographic, we can see – and appreciate – just how far technology has come throughout the years.

Making the timeline in 2002 is our very own Event Manager software. For those not familiar, Event Manager is used by coaches, industry association organizers, sports league administrators, professional leagues and small business owners to manage to take registrations and payments online for events such as sports camps, business seminars, tournaments, courses, fundraisers and community functions.

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Creating Value for Your Martial Arts School through Video

By Korbett Miller

Have you ever felt that your marketing doesn’t tell the whole story of what you do at your Martial Arts school? That you are asking for too much from people to commit before they know anything about you or your business?

There is a modern approach that has been popularized by Internet marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jeff Walker. It’s really quite simple. The idea is that you create value first with content. And since video has never been easier to create, it makes sense to use the medium to create content and tell the story of your school.

A Simple Video Plan Might Look Like This …

video-cameraVideo #1: Talk about your school and introduce yourself. Talk about the topics you’ll cover in your next two videos.

Video #2: Talk about the topics and build anticipation for the third video where you reveal something unique.

Video #3: Wrap up your story and then give prospects an opportunity to register for a special offer like two intro classes and a Martial Arts uniform for only $xx.

But What Should I Talk About?

Sometimes the hardest part to video making is figuring out the topic. Here are some themes I’ve used:

New Years: It’s a time for new beginnings and goal setting. Think of how Martial Arts can help your young students learn about goal setting. Lay it out for your families.

Seasonal Events: I call these times pivot points. As a season ends, a new season starts. Think of what you can do to introduce your product or service in a new and unique way.

Summer Camps: Think of all the benefits of your Summer programming and how that could benefit prospective students.

Back to School Time: Create three simple videos that educate prospects on why your school is the obvious choice for youth activities.

Bully Proof Programs: Bullying education and prevention is on the minds of families when schools get back in session. Make three videos about your school’s specific approach to bullying awareness, education and prevention.

Some other questions to ask yourself to help develop a video script:

  • Why is Martial Arts a great choice as an after-school activity?
  • Why is Martial Arts a great Fitness alternative?
  • How does Martial Arts teach life skills to students?
  • How does Martial Arts teach bully proofing skills to students?

Keep in Mind When Producing Videos …

TIP#1: Just do it! The hardest part about making the videos is just getting started. It’s sort of like when you first hear your voice on an audio recording; many people do not like the sound of their own voice. Video is the same way. But if you can start to generate this content, it will make a big difference for you and your school.

TIP#2: We live in a world flooded with content, and because of that, everyone’s attention span is getting shorter. Keep your videos as brief as possible … ideally one to two minutes … 4 minutes tops.

Monitor-Phone-TabletTIP#3: Take your offer online! Don’t force prospects to pick up the phone. Use a simple tool like Member Solutions’ online registration software, Event Manager, to create an online order form and take payments online. The great thing about Event Manager is that you can set up an online form in literally minutes and you don’t need a merchant account … you can take payments online right away.

TIP#4: Add an annotation to your third and final video. This is done easily when you’re in edit mode in YouTube. Click on the “Annotations” button. Choose the type of Annotation you’d like (speech bubble, note, title, spotlight or label). Enter your text, such as “2 Intro Classes + FREE Uniform – Only $xx. Sign Up Now!” Check the box in front of “Link” and paste in your Event Manager registration page URL. This ensures your call to action is in front of your viewers the entire time they are watching your video.

TIP#5: Get prospects to take action right away. Keep your Event Manager online registration page open for a limited time. Set an expiration cut-off date for your offer. Mention the cut-off date in your video.

Getting Your Videos to Prospects

Now that you have your videos produced, you need to get them out into the world. Email is a good place to start.

In my opinion, you should be creating a great email marketing list from all the events that go on at your school. My goal is to add at least 25 to 30 people per month to my mailing list. Birthday parties, Nerf nights and buddy days are all ways that we capture leads.

Keep in mind that many times people are not ready to “sign up” right now, but may be ready to sign up in the near future. By capturing those leads, and sending valuable content (not spam, or constant blasts), you have a chance of winning that person over to your school.

Take your email list and plot out a 3-email sequence where you send out your created videos to your email list.

In addition to emailing, post the videos on your social media channels and also on your website to get as many people as possible viewing your videos.

Korbett Miller has been teaching at his Martial Arts school in Kirkland, WA for the last 17 years. Korbett still actively trains in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and most recently received his Black Belt from the legendary Saulo and Xande Ribeiro and won the Brown Belt Senior II World Championships in Jiu Jitsu. He is most proud of his three daughters and 17 year marriage to his wife, Elise. He is also a member of the Member Solutions Business Advisory Team. Visit to learn more about Korbett’s book and mini-course on finding freedom in a small business. Korbett can be reached at

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Take Your Event Registrations
Event-Manager-Online-Registration-Pages& Payments Online!

Create an online registration page in minutes … take payments online that very same day!

Event Manager online registration software comes with a full set of management and marketing tools to make the sign-up process easier and more efficient. Use it for camps, buddy days, birthday parties, tournaments … the possibilities are endless.

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Help! Our Front Desk is Costing Us New Members

By Chuck Heacock

Please-Help-Me-HandWe’re in the middle of the New Year’s resolution rush, but no one is joining. We think our front desk and approach to sales might be scaring people away.

Can you give us some tips to make our facility more welcoming, so it’s likely members join?

Chuck Heacock’s Answer on Making Your Front Desk More Inviting and Sales Approach Less Intimidating

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What You Need to Know to Increase Leads and Membership Sales

By Justin Bodamer

blue-graphIf your members are the lifeblood of your business (and they should be) – then tracking their behavior is what keeps the blood pumping.

Being able to regularly and systematically track, assess and triage weak spots in your membership strategy will not only keep your business running smoothly, it will also spotlight areas of opportunity to grow even further.

Here’s what you need to know to generate leads and drive more membership sales:

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7 Myths of Modern Media Marketing

By Jason Brick

blue-question-markYes, you already know that social media (including blogging) is as important this decade as the yellow pages were last century. Yes, you’ve even put a few of your younger staff members and student volunteers in charge of “doing something” with this newest marketing must. Yes, you’ve even seen a student or two trickle in the door after seeing your Pinterest board or your Facebook event.

No, you’re (probably) not doing social media right.
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Business-Building Must-Reads: The Most Popular Posts of 2014

By Kristen Campbell

Top-5-BlogsHow can I make my membership sales presentation better? … What marketing techniques work best to grow a business quickly? … What can I do to make my members feel important?

You’ll find answers to these questions and more in our top five Business Building blog articles from 2014.

Check out these must-reads, then let us know which is your favorite.
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A Quick Guide to Raising Fitness Membership Prices

By Joe Galea

In last week’s post, Help! Should I Discount Paid in Full Memberships?, I covered the impact discounted paid in full memberships can have on immediate and future cash flow.

Up-ArrowAnother strategy to increase cash flow: raise your membership price. But what conditions warrant an increase?

It’s generally a good sign that you can increase your membership price if more than 15% of your memberships are paid in full.

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Help! Should I Discount Paid in Full Memberships?

By Joe Galea

I need more cash for my business. I’m considering offering a discount on a one-year membership if the member pays in full. Is this a wise move?

question-markJoe Galea’s Answer on Discounting Memberships that are Paid in Full:

Thanks for your question! Before I answer, I want to make sure we’re on the same page with the definition of cash flow. Cash flow is simply the movement of money in and out of your membership business.

If cash flow is good, there is always cash on hand for the daily operation of your business. When cash flow isn’t so good, you may need to enter into loans of some sort to survive.

Many factors will enhance or kill your current cash flow, as well as the cash flow you have on hand in the future.
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The 5 Pillars of a Powerful Enrollment Strategy

By David Chang

growthEnrollments are the lifeblood of your business, and it is important to keep a steady stream of new students joining your school. Each year, I enroll between 250 to 350 students.

If you are looking to grow your business, then you must also consider how you can increase your enrollments.

Here are the main pillars of a successful student enrollment strategy:

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100 Martial Arts Students in 90 Days: A Marketing Must-Do List

By Alexandria Buzzell

business-plannerMarketing is one of the important keys to a successful Martial Arts school. Unfortunately, many school owners get overwhelmed and lost in all the options that are out there.

When I planned to open my second location in March 2014, I knew a solid marketing plan would be key to a successful launch. Utilizing the marketing skills I learned, I was able to grow our school to 100 students in the first 90 days. (When I say students, I am referring to on contract students.)

Although I have a long list of marketing techniques, Facebook is my specialty and the one that yields the best results. The other vital part of our marketing plan includes running and attending community events.

Here’s my list of eight marketing must-dos for getting 100 students in 90 days:
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