Martial Arts SuperShow: Another Success for Member Solutions

By Joe Galea

Martial-Arts-SuperShowMember Solutions hit the road in 2014 and will attend more events than ever before. Our most important stop is the Martial Arts SuperShow which took place from Sunday June 29th until Wednesday July 2nd at the Venetian in Las Vegas!

Having attended SuperShow since its inception in 2001, Member Solutions has been a prominent sponsor of the industry's most prestigious event. Century/MAIA, the show's host, didn't disappoint with another first-class event. Expert speakers provided a broad spectrum of business and classroom education for attendees. And the trade show floor — where yours truly spent the majority of his time — was filled with companies like us that support school owners in the day-to-day running of their business.

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4 Pillars for Back-to-School Marketing Success

By Fred DePalma

school-busMarketing, marketing, marketing. As we all know, we have to consistently get new students in the school in order to grow our student base. Marketing is often an overwhelming part of running our schools, but if we break it down into seasonal pillars it makes it seem more manageable.

The back-to-school season is one of the seasonal marketing pillars and is the pillar we need to start focusing on now. Many schools start back in the middle of August so it is important to start planning now so everything is ready to implement by the middle of August. Continue reading

12 Ways to Instantly Increase Event Sign Ups [SlideShare]

By Member Solutions

"If you build it, they will come."

May work in Field of Dreams, but won't work for your events. Just because you put a program or event together does not guarantee people will show. You have to promote your event in order for people to know about it and attend.

How to Increase Event Sign Ups in No Time

Fortunately, there are specific event marketing techniques to use that will help increase your event attendance. Take a look at these 12 ways to accelerate event sign ups, then share the tips with your friends.

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How to Create a High-Level Leadership Training Program & Increase Your Tuition by 30-40%

By Hanshi Michael Pace

tuitionThere are basically three ways to increase your tuition gross: 1) enroll more students, 2) keep them longer, and 3) charge them more.

Retention and new student acquisition are not the topics of this article, but are obviously very important aspects of running a professional Martial Arts school.

We will focus on creating ways to increase your average tuition per student, which can have a huge effect on your gross without costing you additional overhead.

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2 Effective Staff Recruitment Strategies for Martial Arts School Owners

By Dave Kovar

With few exceptions, the success of virtually every business is in the quality of its people. In the Martial Arts industry, this couldn't be truer. Really, the main thing we have to sell is the relationship between instructor and student. That is why it is paramount to recruit the right people for the job and then train them accordingly.

In this article, we are going to discuss two great recruitment options.
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Summer Camps: Tips to Heat Up Student Retention and Revenue

By Duane Brumitt

Thermometer$12,000.00 to $15,000.00. That's how much my three-week Summer Camps usually bring in. Not only is it good money, our Summer camps keep our students engaged and involved with our school during a time where attendance usually thins out.

You might be thinking ... "It's too late ... It's the middle of June and Summer camp season is over." It's not too late. You can still schedule a camp for July and one for August and if you do it right, it can be effective

Here’s how we structure and market our camps. If you don’t currently run a Summer camp, use these tips as your springboard:

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Spotlight: American TKD Martial Arts - How Taking Money Out of the Mix Leads to Business Growth

By Member Solutions

American TKD Martial ArtsAmerican TKD Martial Arts is on the rise. The Coral Springs, Florida school has moved to a bigger facility in a better location. Also, cash flow has increased by 81% over the past couple years. We recently caught up with successful Owner and Master Instructor, Walter Swaney, to see just how he's making this happen.

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Looking to Boost Martial Arts Class Attendance? How Summer Read-a-Thons & Write-a-Thons Can Help

By Peter Trikilas

A few years back during the Summer, I walked onto the floor ready to teach my beginner White Belt class only to find a handful of students eagerly waiting.

Boys-Reading-BookI know I'm not the only one that has faced this. The Summer months tend to be the slowest for Martial Arts schools. But you don't have to settle for the slowdown. It is possible to overcome this dilemma - and increase Martial Arts class attendance - by creating and implementing different programs in your school, community and in your student body.
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Need More Event Sign-Ups? 3 Event Manager Software Tips to Increase Your Turnout

By Member Solutions

A boot camp. A seminar. A buddy day. No matter what type of event you're hosting at your Fitness business, you have to get the word out and you need to get people to sign up for it. However, getting a significant amount of event sign-ups is no simple task.

Fortunately, online registration tools, like our Event Manager software solution, make it easy to do so.

Event Manager online registration software enables you to go paper-free by taking your event sign-ups and payment processing online. The software also comes loaded with management and marketing tools to promote events and accelerate registrations.

Here are three of the newer features you can use right away to maximize your turnout and get more event sign-ups:
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Monitoring Statistics for Martial Arts Business Success

By Brett Lechtenberg

Over the years, I have talked with many Martial Arts school owners and shared many achievements, struggles and failures. There are a few things that consistently seem to enhance martial arts business success, separating the top owners in our industry from the schools that are struggling.

martial arts business successOne of the key areas top owners watch closely is their daily, weekly and monthly statistics.

There are many areas to focus on, but if you are currently not following your numbers very closely, I suggest starting with the basics and get more detailed as you become more comfortable.

Here is where I suggest starting:

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